Online Business Get Rich Quick Scam Courses hit Bangkok

So this is going to get a bit ugly here, I will try not to use too many swear words though. Over the past few weeks I saw lots of ads and posts popping up in my facebook feed that I thought have died a well deserved death years ago. Apparently, however, that was not the case and, like Whitewalkers, these horror shows simply don’t die off.

What I am talking about? Online Business – Get rich quick scams. They come by different names but all promise and look, more or less, the same:

The first thing that should have your alarm bells ringing is the shitty URLs that those events usually use. In addition they usually have lots of buzzwords such as FREE or LIMITED (in capital letters) in the description. As the old adage goes: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Again, I don’t really understand how people still fall for that but maybe that’s the online business person in me who spends lots of time online and has seen lots of this shit come and go. So let’s assume you’re unbiased and are actually looking to create some kind of online business. Do you think creating a successful online business is that much different from offline businesses? Easier? Faster? Free? Think again. Nothing in the world ever comes easy and even if someone would have found the way to get rich from home, do you think they would tell you FOR FREE IF YOU SIGN UP NOW? Exactly, obviously not. Usually when you ask questions to those people posting the ads for said ‘workshops’ (note: Those are mostly not the the people who run the workshops themselves, this will be some guys who know lots of fancy words in order to impress you with some bullshit bingo-esque quips) the typical reply will be: Come to see us and our coaches will be happy to address all your concerns. There are no details on their ‘top secret but proven business model’. Why? Because it’s bullshit.

Most of those models will get you to sell something online. They probably suggest you’d become the middle man for some kind of product or they will talk to you about drop shipping (another bullshit bingo term that’s been thrown around a lot in ‘online business’ groups all over the internet) or, if they feel fancy, even coin their own awesome (everything is always awesome) term / keyword in order to promote their ‘proven approach to success’ even more.

As someone who has worked for some rather big companies in digital marketing & e-commerce and tries to educate the coming generations on this matter it makes me sick to my stomach seeing how this crap is still being shared and, most of all, how the people sharing it don’t feel bad and aren’t ashamed of themselves. You should feel ashamed of talking people who don’t know better, and those are usually the ones who can’t afford to lose any money, into making bullshit investments because they believe you will lead them towards a better life.


But if those ‘seminars’ aren’t the way to create a successful online business, what else is there to do? Well. Put in the hard work. Find a niche, study (and I don’t necessarily mean at Uni, there are many different ways that can provide you with information), take online courses, read trustworthy (!!) blogs, put in more hard work, sweat, tears and learn via trial by error. There has never been nor will there ever be a shortcut to success and all those cool, awesome, buzzwords and happy pictures used by those scam artists won’t change the fact those events are a complete waste of time and a huge shame to be around.

For some reason those schemes, along with classical pyramid schemes powered by Amway and Herbalife and alike are still going strong here in Thailand, even though everybody should know better by now. Here’s to hoping that we can at least raise some awareness for those stupid online business get rich quick schemes. Don’t fall for that and educate your friends and family appropriately. There’s no shortcut to success and online, just like offline, you have to work for your success.

Sascha Funk

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Sascha is the publisher of and switched from an online marketing agency life in Europe to a teaching and education life in Thailand. He also writes about Teaching & Technology.

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