Mankong Phranai Muay Thai Gym [review]

MKPN is different. In a good sense. At least speaking from a personal perspective. It’s rather small compared to most other gyms you’ll find on this and other lists but the coaches there are pretty great and aren’t only there to hold pads but also to actually correct you with your technique and give you some real fight tips that can improve your game dramatically. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go there, especially foreigners are often a bit scared / surprised by how small the place looks (and it can get crowded after work), but the quality here is top notch and right now that’s where you find me most often.

Constant Development

Ever since I joined MKPN they’ve been under constant development and improved their training space remarkably which goes to show that they’re really invested in making the place as good of a training place as possible. As stated above it can get a bit crowded but that just shows how much people appreciate being there.

A few of the coaches have left or are about to leave (e.g. to more lucrative positions abroad) which also shows that the guys here are good at what they do and certainly know their stuff. MKPN always manages to find good replacement though.

What makes Mankong Phranai Muay Thai stand out the most from other Muay Thai gyms though is probably the good rapport the owners have with their coaches and clients. Some of them are mostly present at all times and always up for a friendly chat and / or tips, tricks and stories. Moreover the coaches are not only focusing on having you smash some pads and burn some calories but really focus on making sure you got a good technique down which is the most important part for me always coming back here.

The location, of course, is also pretty good. Right next to MRT Lumphini and Lumphini Park itself. Pretty easy to reach.  Prices are also reasonable with 400 THB for a one time session and cheaper packages available upon purchasing more sessions.

With all those positive aspects being said it’s clear why MKPN made it onto my list of best Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok. 

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