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Thai LionAir seems to be one of the lesser known low cost airlines around, at least it seems like that when talking to other expats here. Thai LionAir has quite a large variety of destinations at their disposal though and is, it seems, opening more routes as we speak. After having (had to) used them a lot for flights towards the South of Thailand, here is my review of Thai LionAir.


Similar to AirAsia and unfortunately unlike my experience with Scoot, all the flights I took with Thai LionAir have been in rather small planes which were just uncomfortable af. Once the seat even rocked a bit back and forth during the whole flight and another time the aircon was dripping and the ‘fix’ provided by the crew, squashing as many tissues in there as possible, surprisingly, didn’t really turn out to be a viable long term solution. Call it bad timing or coincidence but all this led me to never enjoy any of the numerous Thai LionAir flights I had to take.


Here’s now something weird. The crew I encountered on the ground acted vastly different to the crew on the plane. Not only once, but on several occasions. Not really sure why, but it was always a pretty obvious difference. The staff on the ground mostly behaved very friendly and welcome, no matter the airport, while the crew on the plane, at least some of the crew members, acted in rather condescending manners (as describe in my previous Thai LionAir article). Therefore I, to this day, never am looking forward to flying with Thai LionAir.

Ticket / Check-In / Online Experience

Unless something has changed since I last used Thai LionAir, their mobile app was kind of a joke. If you clicked on ‘manage’ your booking fore example it would simply open the website which wasn’t mobile optimized. Therefore the online check-in is often times not working and check-in at the airport can be a pain in the ass due to long waiting times. As mentioned above though, at least the staff there tries to be nice. The lack of a working online environment is rather unfortunate though and leaves a negative taste to this review of Thai LionAir.

Do you agree with this review? Or do you have different experiences?

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