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When you live in Asia for a while you obviously end up traveling quite a bit and, let’s be honest, we’re always happy to find good deals and don’t have to spend a lot of money for flights so that we can spend more on hotels or, more importantly, food! Therefore is happy to bring the low-cost airline comparison to you. We start things off with the best low-cost airline I’ve tried so far (that flies from and to Thailand), Scoot Tigerair.

The flights I took with Scoot Tigerair were completed with the Scoot 787 Dreamliner from Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport to Singapore Changi International Airport and from there to Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport. The review is based on this experience.


The plane on both flights was a 787 Dreamliner which was nice. I didn’t really think about that before but having flown one way with the small AirAsia plane it was nice to have a bit more leg (and butt) space on this one. Hence good on Scoot for using such a big plan for that stint. It felt ok, and sleeping was more of an option as in smaller planes before. Obviously, as with low cost carriers, there’s no board entertainment but since my primary goal on flights is to sleep, that’s not a big issue for me.


The crew was also quite ok. I didn’t really have to interact much with them as low cost carriers don’t offer much service but while AirAsia always try to sell lots of stuff while in the air, Scoot seemed to keep the sales pitching to a reasonable amount which didn’t interfere with my attempts to catch some sleep which is appreciated. Also they don’t seem to rely that much on heavy make-up as the average AirAsia crew member does (has to do?) – but that could also just have been coincidence.

Overall they didn’t do anything wrong, but also didn’t do anything to make the trip exceptional – but then again that’s what you expect from a low-cost airline.

Ticket / Check-in / Online Experience

Buying tickets via ticket comparison websites is as easy as it gets these days so I don’t think there’s much difference anymore.  The one thing that I found annoying though is that you can not check in online if you travel from outside Singapore. Online check-in is only available for flights departing Singapore and hence all passengers had to be at the airport 2-3 hours before take-off. That’s a tiny bit annoying in 2017 where everything else can be done online. The counter check-in was pretty fast though, so at least they got that figured out.

Using my mobile phone the website also had some loading issues and after downloading the app learning I can’t use it to check in was a bit of a let-down.

Cute add on

The team refers to itself as ‘scooties’ even during official announcements. “Scooties get ready for landing.”, etc. When taking off the announcement also said “get ready to scoot” – that’s branding right there ;-)

What are your experiences with Scoot / TigerAir?

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