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Krabi | stay away, please!

As you can see in my post about backpacking Thailand, I spent some time in Krabi. I did not talk much about it in this last post because I do not want to tell everything to everybody. Actually I would like as many people as possible to stay away from this place. Not because I do not like it but because I simply love it! Since you are special readers (yeah! =) ) I am happy to share some extra insights about this wonderful place with you.

Krabi is quite famous and mentioned in many guides like the lonely planet. Most of those guids refer to the most famous beach in Krabi, Railey Beach. If you are into resorts and family business that’s quite ok. But if you want to discover the real beauty and pure awesomeness of Krabi, you take a look just around the corner and head over to Tonsai Beach. The place that made all my dreams come true.

Krabi, Thailand
Krabi, Thailand

When you are heading to Krabi you are very likely to go there by longtail boat. This is the water taxi out there. Usually they offer services to Railey and Tonsai, wich is just around the corner from Railey (literally….just a rocky corner away. You can walk there during low tide). Usually all tourists go to Railey since it’s the famous beach…and yeah, it is quite nice. Really! So if you are looking for some great all inclusive resorts in a stunning location you should go there!


But if you are looking for something more. For awesome and relaxed people, adventure and some climbing possibilities you should stay on board and head towards Tonsai. As mentioned in my other post Tonsai ist not a place for easy bathing. It is quite rocky and the tides have a really huge impact on this beach. One time you feel like the high tide will take everything away the other time you even can not see the water. But this is part of it’s charme. A little rough but with stunning views and an incredible atmosphere. Tonsai Beach is – without exaggerating – my most favorite beach to hang out. Not only in Thailand, worldwide. It is simply amazing! Amazing Thailand!

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