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Koh Samed – Samed Island

Finally holiday time again and, after having spent many of my past holidays in the North or North-East I decided to take a look a the seaside again. This time: Koh Samed.

Koh Samed is located in the Rayong province and is only a mere 3 hours drive from Bangkok away. Hence a perfect spot for a long weekend or a short holiday trip.

The Beach on Koh Samet
The Beach on Koh Samet

How to go to Koh Samed?

When you are coming from Bangkok there are many ways to reach Koh Samed. Plane, Car, Bus or Van. They all have on thing in common: You need to switch to the boat in Rayong.

This time I decided to go for a mini van service. They depart almost every hour from Victory Monument and charge around 200 THB for a one way trip to Rayong – Ban Phe Pier.

Getting around on Koh Samed

Once you arrive on Koh Samed there are a lot of ‘taxis’ (Pick Up Trucks) waiting to bring tourists to the national park or their respective locations. However, if you are a backpacker or good in walking, there is no need to spend money on this ‘service’ since the national park, where many hotels and guesthouses are located, is only a 10 minute walk away.

Once you’re settled on Samed you can also charter boats, rent motorcycles or use those pick up truck taxis to travel around the island.

Wise Words on Koh Samed
Wise Words on Koh Samed

Where to stay on Koh Samed?

There are so many hotels and guest houses right after the pier where most tourists arrive. However I wouldn’t recommend staying there since you are quite likely to end up spending most of your time at the national park (the beaches!) anyways. So better choose an accommodation that is located within the national park!

What to do on Koh Samed?

Relaxing! I went there for one purpose only: Recharge batteries and relax. Of course, being a tourist island, there are also a lot of bars and party locations at night but still, compared to other islands, Samed is sleepy and quiet (if you don’t end up going to the ‘main’ spot).

Besides chilling there are obviously also ‘typical’ tourist things to do like snorkeling, boat trips, jetski, jungle hopping, etc…so if you got the impressions it’s a boring island, it is not!

When to go to Koh Samed?

Best times to enter Samed are usually during the week since it’s always pretty crowded during the weekend when Thai families and couples hit the island for a short getaway from the hectic city life. During the week however it is quiet and quite lovely.

The beaches and water on Koh Samed

The beaches are Thai like. White and sandy. Not the most beautiful of them all but for a 3 hour trip from Bangkok still pretty awesome and enjoyable. The water is, like everywhere, quite warm and mostly clean as long as you don’t jump in where all the boats stop (surprisingly many tourists do that). Even though Samed is not to big and many tourists go there, there are still a few beautiful quiet spots where you can enjoy being alone (or with your loved ones) with mother nature.

If you’ve given Koh Samed a try – I’d be happy if you would share your experiences here! Happy Holidays!

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