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Indian Restaurant Bawarchi [Review]

Hello and welcome to another mouthwatering episode. Since we take our food here seriously we were more than happy to add another experience to our food journey. This time we had the chance to dine at the Indian Restaurant Bawarchi. I don’t want to spoil the review below but it was really good and even while writing about it I already start to miss the bread! #Naan4Life


The location of Bawarchi Restaurant is as convenient as it gets. Less than a five minute walk from BTS “Chidlom”, right in the heart of Siam. Close to Central World, Erawan Shrine and Central Chidlom. It’s located on the B floor of the Intercontinental Hotel so it’s really easy to find which takes away of the hustle that sometimes comes with looking for nice dining places.


Upon entering Bawarchi Restaurant you instantly feel like entering a different world. It’s calm, soothing and not as busy as the life outside on the street which is a welcome change of pace. The interior fits, obviously, the Indian theme of the restaurant with the decoration being very thoughtful and not over top. The overall ambience is one that makes you feel relaxed and certainly invites you to enjoy your upcoming dining experience.


Once we were settled in and enjoyed the atmosphere we were presented with the starters of the night’s dinner experience. The menu read as follows:

Papadum cones and Condiments; Mint & Spice sauce, tamarind sauce, Yogurt garlic sauce, Beetroot sauce
1. Bharwaan Paneer tikka Achari
2. Tandoori Lamb Chops
3. Bawarchi Murgh Malai Kebab
4. Mushroom soup

The Papadum cones were the perfect start. Small, crispy, easy to eat with your hands and the assorted sauces fit very well. Our favorite was the yogurt garlic sauce with the others also being good and doing well in surprising you with some unexpected flavors. Always nice to try something new! :-)

What followed was the very delicious Mushroom soup. I’m not the biggest soup fan but this one was really good and left me ready for more. Luckily we didn’t have to wait for too long as the lamb chops, kebab and achari paneer tikka arrived. Personally I could kill for good Kebab and the Murgh Malai Bawarchi style was really good. Usually I try to hold back and not eat too much when doing restaurant reviews but here I couldn’t help myself but eating a second piece.

Hand in hand with the great Kebab came the Achari Paneer Tikka. Something I haven’t tried before and what positively surprised me. I liked the mixture here and the attached grilled onion slices. For someone who usually does not eat much cheese at all, that says something by the way. Good stuff!

What then really took the cake for the starters were the lamb chops. They didn’t only look fancy but also tasted delicious and were cooked to perfection as they were soft and tender and almost fell off the bone when looking at them sharply ;-) I wouldn’t mind just eating those starters all day long.

Main course

And just when I thought I was happy with the starters, the main dishes arrived and presented us with another tasteful experience. What made me personally happy: The bread. I love good bread and Naan is simply some of the best bread ever invented. I could sit in it and die a happy man.
So yes, the bread was good ;-) The dishes that came with the bread have been dishes I never tried before. I have been to lots of Indian restaurants before, especially back in Europe, but never tried a combination of the following dishes:

1. Mugh Makhan Wala
2. Dal Makhani (Lentil soup)
3. Saag Paneer
4. Rogan Josh
5. Assorted bread; Butter naan, Lachedar paratha

The dishes, as you can see on the pictures below, already looked rather amazing and their beautiful color combinations almost made us feel bad to start eating ;-) Once we started however we quickly tasted a wide variety of flavors and even the team members that usually don’t enjoy vegetables liked the Saag Paneer. Besides that we all enjoyed the Rogan Josh, Mugh Makhan Wala and Dal Makhani equally with everyone preferring a different dish but also enjoying the others. And did I mention the bread? ;-)

Deserts & Drinks

When I thought I could possibly not eat anything else (I really don’t know how all that bread made it into my stomach!) it was time for deserts. The deserts were really tasteful and, once more, were shining in bright colors. The same can be said for the fruity drinks we got served that night with the Mango Lassi taking the cake.

1. Kulfi mango flavor
2. Gulab Jamun
3. Rasmalai


The staff at Barwachi Restaurant was very friendly and attentive with one of the waiters even going out of his way to make us feel welcome and explaining each menu item in great detail. One of the younger waiters did forget to serve one of our drink orders but that can always happen and his thoughtful Thai colleague made more than up for it.

Final thoughts

Overall our experience at Barwachi was very positive. The food was delicious, the staff was friendly and the location very convenient. Therefore Barwachi deserves the place as the go-to place for tasty Indian food in Bangkok.

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