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IGTV – Instagram TV and Thailand

A few days ago Instagram launched its latest attempt on killing snapchat improving its offer. Instagram TV, or in short, IGTV. With Thailand being pretty much a mobile first country with an insane amount of active social media users this new feature will certainly not take long to catch on. What does it mean for Thailand and the Thai social media landscape though? Let’s have a look.

igtv thailand
igtv thailand

Live features in social platforms, be that Facebook live or instagram live, are widely used here in Thailand so one can only assume that IGTV will be an instant hit here as well. The reason why (Snapchat outside of Thailand as well btw) those live ‘shows’ are so successful here seems to be connected to the feeling of seeing the ‘real’ person behind the celebrity persona. With IGTV sticking to the normal IG format I don’t see that changing too much. The production of IGTV ‘shows’ might become more elaborate, the presentation style probably not though. It will still focus on being ‘personal’ and ‘up close’.

Celebrities and influencers will swamp your feed even more

It’s not necessarily a ver Thai thing to say as, obviously, stars, starlets and influencers are going to try using IGTV to their advantage. Here in Thailand however the whole influencer movement is still going strong and hence we can expect IGTV being flooded with influencers promoting shit that nobody needs different kinds of products and services.Β Β Celebs and brands will use it to show unique ‘behind the scenes’ material that will aim, as mentioned before, on making us connect with the ‘normal’ side of the star / brand shown.

That’s all expected though and certainly encouraged by IG as this also means more content and hence more advertisement possibilities.

Censorship & politics on IGTV?

It remains to be seen how IGTV will be monitored and censored though. With giving users a platform for longer videos now I can only imagine that activists and political figures are going to use IGTV to rally their supporters. Will we see more arrests or shut downs again? Will there be outcry or will Thailand rely on self censorship of IGTV broadcasters as they should know what they can and can not broadcast to the world? This seems to be a very interesting

Problems with IGTV

The problems I see with IGTV are multi facetted. One problem could be the one mentioned above. Using it for politically motivated purposes. Another problem for IG could be the streaming and publication of copyrighted content and while they are able to fight that in the US rather well I’m not sure how well prepared they are to take on this problem here in Asia. Another problem that usually comes along with new services and apps, the lack of speed of implementation, is one that IGTV probably won’t have to fight with since IG is THE household name for social networking here in Thailand and everything related to IG will be welcomed with open arms.

How (or if) are you going to use IGTV?Β  Shout out in the comments!

Sascha Funk

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