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HUGE SURPRISE: Thai Universities drop in global ranking

This past week global University rankings have been published and one has to say congratulations to Singaporean based Unis NUS and NTU for making it into the top lists of the world. Thai Universities on the other are in free fall towards the bottom of the list.

Change is coming. Maybe. Wait.

This development came as a huge surprise for everyone not familiar with Thai education and with the whole business model behind it. While now everyone who bought a bachelor’s degree at a private Uni is shocked about this inconvenient truth coming to light this shows that things have to change in the land of smile. And boy, they do.

A few weeks ago a video of a student hazing ritual surfaced. It wasn’t as bad as what one reads and hears from other rituals here in Thailand that often include serious injuries or even death. But that stuff happens (no, Jeb Bush is not in Thailand – but we have that attitude too) – that video that now surfaced was, god forbid, sexual in content. Now the students involved in this ritual have been punished because, as everyone knows, there is no sex in Thailand! How dare them. How they have been punished you asked? Well. That’s obvious. By hazing of course. They have been sent to a military boot camp. Three days of fun in the mud where their ‘egos are broken and then built back up’. I wonder how that works within 3 days. I’ve been to the military and it usually takes way longer to break a man’s (or girl’s – no sexism here) ego and to ‘re-built the character’ than just three 3 days. But maybe that was the fast track.

Anyways. Good on them for punishing those who punished others. An eye for an eye. That’s how we learn it. And also good on them for stepping in once such rituals get sexual. We can tolerate injuries but certainly not arousal.

Moreover it is also very welcome to see that we here in Thailand focus on such things rather than on, I don’t know, changing the educational system. And why should we? Sure there are those haters that would state that in the latest world university rankings only Singaporean Universities made the top but that’s not fair comparison anyways. Singapore is so much smaller than Thailand. There’s simply a much smaller chance for them having less smart students enrolled in Universities. Just ask Scott Steiner and he’ll gladly do the math for you.

Besides that all this whining about education is totally unnecessary. Students are not supposed to study and learn all the time. Just see what happens when they develop a free will. We have to come up with something like the Single Gateway in order to prevent them from consuming too much information from those liberal western traitors. This shows that the only change we need is in restricting access to those bad influences – and maybe even prevent those international tests from simply taking samples from us. If they want to know whether or not we have good Universities they could just ask as and we could tell them ‘yes, have’ or ‘no have’.

Before bantering on too much let me get back to my latest SOTUS (does this actually count for those world rankings? I bet not. They should totally have that in the rankings) activity. We need to prepare another dance choreography. Just glad classes got cancelled for that.

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