Hua Hin Hotel Review: D Varee Diva Kiang Haad Beach

During a short weekend trip to the seaside (I’m not trying to say that everybody has to go but I took a walk at the seaside) I happened to visit good old Hua Hin once again. This time however I didn’t choose a guesthouse but a nice hotel to stay in. The D Varee Diva Kiang Haad Beach Hotel. Here’s my review of it.

D Varee Diva Kiang Haad Beach Exterior & Service

D Varee is labeled as a 4-star hotel so it has to stand some tough criteria. When looking at the exterior, the overall atmosphere as well as the swimming pools, bars, etc. it certainly has its charm. When arriving the hotel it doesn’t look as super fancy as on the pictures on agoda or other booking sites – but which hotel does? The entrance area / lobby is quite neat, spacious but is missing a nice common area. The day staff is very friendly and aware and more than helpful with anything you could need assistance with.

The two advertised pools are on the 2nd and 4th floor and are quite nicely located – but a bit small and not really made for ‘real’ swimming. Hanging out and relaxing is however possible and supported by the friendly bar staff on the 4th floor that would also supply you with drinks while you relax and enjoy the, partly, nice view of the ocean (if you ignore the surrounding hotels).

D Varee Diva Kiang Haad Beach Interior – Room

When taking on our own room one of the first things that jumped to my eye was that the towels were folded in pig form…besides that however the room was nicely in order, clean and, yes I’m a sucker for that, had a rain shower in the bathroom.

The bathroom was the highlight anyways. Nice, big, rain shower (did I mention it had a rain shower?). I spent lots of time in there. The bed was comfortable (although quite soft) and equipped with 2 pillows per bed. The ‘deluxe pool view’ wasn’t that amazing but it delivered what it promised. A view of the pool on the second floor when standing on the neat balcony.

Only negative aspect of the room itself: Lots of mosquitos in there.

The cleaning / maid service was also quite nice. Very fast and thorough. Nothing to complain about here.

D Varee Kiang Haad Beach Breakfast

Since breakfast was included (4-star hotel, remember) it also deserves some review. The breakfast area, next to the second floor pool, is nicely organized, has lots of mosquitos though. The food selection is ok. Some Thai food, some break, sausages, ham, jam, cornflakes, fruit…nothing fancy though and, to be honest, a bit disappointing for a 4 star hotel. At least in my opinion. It’s not terrible but from a fancy hotel I would expect a bit more here. I had better breakfast in some guesthouses. Again that’s no reason to hate on the overall experience, especially since the staff here was, again, very nice, but it’s something the hotel can improve upon in my opinion. It also wouldn’t hurt to have real juice as a choice…

Overall Feedback for D Varee Diva Kiang Haad Beach Hua Hin

D Varee Hotel Hua Hin

Overall it’s a pretty nice hotel with nice staff who seemed keen on interacting with guests. You don’t always have that here in Thailand. The only negative aspect here was that I booked the hotel and managed everything and all the staff, even though they could speak English, basically exclusively talked to my Thai companion – who then referred to me.

I did like the stay overall but would probably go for another option next time just to have another comparison. If they got rid of the Mosquitos and improve the breakfast a bit I wouldn’t mind coming again though – especially since the internet (geek alert) was really fast there!

If you want to check it out, you can do so here on

Happy travels!

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