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How the Tham Luang cave incident brought Thailand (and the rest of the world) together

The whole world has witnessed the tragic circumstances that led to 12 boys and one coach being trapped inside a cave in the north of Thailand. Rescue teams from all across the world have flown in to provide experience and help in order to get the “Wild Boars” football team out of the now famous Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai. To make things worse, while the boys all seem to be in, more or less, good condition, one rescue diver, former Thai Navy SEAL Saman Gunan, lost his life after delivering oxygen to the boys trapped in the cave.

Saman Gunan – real life hero – ex Thai Navy SEAL who died during rescue mission

We’re all in this together

As the rescue mission is under way and we are all waiting eagerly for updates one thing has become clear, if needed, we can all work and help together. Thai people from all walks of life, no matter the political convictions, put all their issues aside in order to turn this scary incident into one with a happy ending. It is not only Thais who work hard for the rescue of the boys though, it’s helper from all around the world that put their own lives on the line to make sure those 13 lost in the cave will find their way back.

We are seeing rice farmers agreeing to have their rice paddies flooded in order to get the water out of the cave even though this means their only means of making money will be gone. Lives are more important than money they say. Commendable.

We are seeing local laundry shop owners staying up all night to wash the uniforms of the divers and rescue personal at the location. We can’t get the boys out ourselves, but we can at least wash their clothes is what they’ve been quoted with. Awesome.

We are seeing Elon Musk sending engineers who came up with a modified version of their SpaceX rocket to transport the kids in some kind of ‘child submarine’ out of the cave. Tony stark move right here.

We see world leaders, even Donald Trump, sending thoughtful wishes and morale boosting messages to Thailand. Appreciated!

We see celebrities from all across the world showing their support and reminding people of the importance of family and helping each other. Listen to them.

We see artists and creatives from all across the world sending thoughts and well wishes together with inspiring art pieces to keep the morale high. Keep it up!

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We are seeing Thais, Burmese, Brits, Australians, Americans and many many more helpers of different backgrounds and nationalities helping together and forgetting all the issues that separate countries and divide us within our own lines at times in order to make everyone realize what is most important: Helping each other in times of need. 

(above Thai Navy SEAL Facebook post saying “The Thai team and international team will bring the Wild Boars home”)

One can only hope that all 13 Wild Boars will be fine eventually, that nobody will ever forget ex Navy SEAL Saman Gunan who died a hero, and that the lesson we learned here, that we can only succeed when we help each other, will never be forgotten and echo through news, books, classes and stories for decades to come.


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