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Hotel Review: iHouse – New Hotel – Vientiane

During my last Visa Run to Vientiane, Laos I decided to take on a new accommodation and after coming across a web promotion on agoda I chose iHouse – New Hotel as my destination. While I usually settle for guesthouses I decided to pay a little more (around 530 THB thanks to the promotion) and stay in a decent non-party environment with working wifi and relaxing atmosphere. So the plan.

So, once more, let’s check my latest accommodation My-Thai style:

Location: The location is pretty cool! Quite close to Namphu – The Fountain in the city centre. Everything in walking distance. Talat Sao (Shopping Mall, Morning Market, Bus Station), the Mekong River or the markets and bars close to the river side. Even the embassy is only a good 25 minute walk away. All in all: Great.

Staff: Normal. However, since iHouse claims to be a hotel and not a guesthouse I expected more. They try to sell you some crappy tuk tuk tours to the border just like any other cheap hostel and even tried to bill me some beer when I checked out (man, I NEVER drink beer. Bad try). English level was ok though. Nevertheless, for a hotel, not that amazing.

iHouse - New Hotel - Vientiane
iHouse – New Hotel – Vientiane

Internet: Claims to have 24/7 Wifi which is true. The connection itself however sucks. Most of the time the sites are loading quite slowly and the connection gets lost every now and then. Once more: For a HOTEL this is disappointing.

Price: 524 THB for a queensize bed in a small room with bathroom and flatscreen tv. The room itself was clean and everything was working fine. Nothing to complain! However when thinking about the fact that this was a promotion and that the room actually costs twice as much I wouldn’t recommend it. No bathroom accessoires, thin walls, loud music from the outside….that’s all not a big deal when staying in a guesthouse of course but when staying in a self proclaimed ‘new style hotel’ that’s just not cool!

Accommodation: Already mentioned above. Queensize bed. Very comfortable. Small room (in green) but totally ok. Bathroom ok as well. Hot shower. Totally fine. Nothing more though.

Bottom Line: Quite ok to stay there. However it’s not a ‘hotel’ service in my opinion. The service I experienced here I could have everywhere else for less money. I probably won’t come back.

Sascha Funk

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