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Hitachi – The future is open to suggestions

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Mankind has come far over the past few hundred years and the rate in which we develop is nothing short of amazing. IBM researchers even expect us, humankind, to find more ways to disrupt technology within the next 50 years than we’ve seen in all of history before.

One of the areas with the most potential to disruption is certainly the area of robotics. Who hasn’t watched Will Smith in iRobot and thought ‘that would be cool (or scary, depending on which scene you’re talking about)?’. We might not be completely there yet (even though we’re coming closer) but we’re certainly on a good way to implement robotics more and more into our daily lives.

When looking at current developments in robotics one quickly comes across Hitachi, which seems to have gotten somewhat to the forefront of robotics development. What’s interesting here is that it’s not only household robots such as those automated vacuum cleaners, but actual robots that provide more use to their owners.

Particularly freaky / interesting from my personal point of view is the EMIEW3, a Human Symbiotic Robot that Actively Communicates with People. EMIEW3 is able to recognize and approach those in need. It can even start up a conversation on its own to provide services when necessary or appropriate.

Hitachi Robotics – EMIEW3 in action

I also kind of like the , a Single-Passenger Mobility Support Robot that Autonomously Travels on Sidewalks as I’m right now witnessing my grandma having more and more problems going outside, walking to where she wants to go. This robot could certainly be of great help – here in Thailand we would have to fix sidewalks first though unfortunately.

Hitachi ROPITS

As someone who’s into EdTech, education and technology, I also appreciate the advancements in the area of IoT combined with robotics. Especially ‘smart’ (class) rooms are very interesting and the Robotics Co-Creation Room looks just like something that could facilitate and enhance experiences in this regard. I’d love to get my hands one some of this equipment (Hey Hitachi, you know where to find me!).


All in all it’s rather nice to see that it’s not only academics and start-ups that understand that technological development and social innovation belong together, but that also big companies such Hitachi are taking a step into the right direction and trying to solve issues that affect everybody out there.

What’s your take on that? Are you confident, excited, scared of what the future holds? Will we see Westworld coming into fruition? How does it look to you?

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