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Healthy Food Delivery in Bangkok – CLEANFit Delivery [review]

In my quest to stay healthy and fit I don’t only focus on sports (e.g. Muay ThaiClimbing, Volleyball, Running) but also try to look after my nutrition. Having that said, this last part certainly is the worst of them all. While I can handle getting punched, kicked or hanging from (artificial rocks) I’m really bad at looking after my nutrition. That’s why I decided to try some meal prep services. One of the few choices that popped up when looking for services that don’t only focus on expats and don’t have insane delivery costs, was Cleanfit Delivery.


Just like with most other services they are available via facebook, and line. Chose whatever menu items look good to you and you’re ready to order.

healthy food prep service bangkok
healthy food prep service bangkok


Just like with the other services you can do it via bank transfer. After each order they will tell you their bank account number and once you transferred the money and sent the slip via facebook or line, you’re done. You can also choose between 9 or 15 dishes. 15 dishes come at 960 THB with no extra delivery costs.


Also make sure to order a bit ahead of time (usually one day notice is enough though) and you will be able to pick between several delivery times. So far I had it delivered early in the morning, around noon and around 2ish – all without problem. The delivery usually arrives way ahead of the scheduled time though so make sure someone’s there to receive the delivery.


The meal size is quite decent in my opinion. One dish doesn’t make me completely full but with some add ons (eggs, etc.) I do get a decent meal out of it. The quality is good and the variety also makes for some nice, different choices. The sauce that comes with the chicken is even quite spicy, totally digging that!

I haven’t had anything that I completely disliked there as of yet and the favorites are probably the pure chicken breast as well as the chicken with garlic sauce but I even like the noodle based dishes here. It also feels (yeah that’s pretty subjective) rather healthy, especially compared to all the other services I tried so far.

healthy food delivery bangkok
healthy food delivery bangkok

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