Guesthouse Review: Sunshine Guesthouse Hua Hin

During our short trip to Hua Hin we stayed away from noisy and party heavy Soi 61 but moved down to Soi 65 where the rooms might be a bit more expensive but therefore also more quiet.

We ended up here at the Sunshine Guesthouse and had quite a good experience.

The Rooms @ Sunshine Guesthouse Hua Hin
The rooms are quite decent. The have rooms with a double bed for two persons or even bigger ones for three people. The prices vary from 700 THB (low season, smaller room) to 1,000 THB (low season, big room).

Service @ Sunshine Guesthouse Hua Hin
The service here is nice. The room was made up every day. Towels, water, etc. No problem at all. Clean and tidy as well.

Internet @ Sunshine Guesthouse Hua Hin
The internet comes for free in form of WiFi and is quite decent on all floors. We stayed in the top floor and still had fast and reliable connection. Thumbs up.

Staff @ Sunshine Guesthouse Hua Hin
The staff speaks English quite well and is helpful if you have questions. Easy to talk to and approachable. No problems at all.

Overall: All good.

Sascha Funk

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