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German Restaurant in Bangkok – Bei Otto

After 2.5 years it finally was about time, I simply had to do it. After so many of my friends already did it I had to find it out myself and went to that famous place. The German Restaurant. Bei Otto.

I did have some self-made German food since coming to Thailand – but i mostly was some improvised self-made food in my home kitchen (which is not a real kitchen). So I was quite eager to finally eat some ‘real’ German food again. Schnitzel, Sauerkraut, Kartoffelsalat….I heard a lot about ‘Bei Otto’ and hence we decided to go there. In the middle of expensive Sukhumvit. So let’s see if Bei Otto lived up to my expectations.

bei otto - german restaurant in bangkok
bei otto – german restaurant in bangkok

1.) Bei Otto Atmosphere
The atmosphere at Bei Otto is quite nice and authentic. They told us you usually have to reserve seats in order to dine insides. However the outside premisses are nice as well and resemble a small German Biergarten. With the warm temperatures in Bangkok that’s totally fine for dining and sitting outside.

The waitresses wear traditional bavarian skirts (Dirndl) and are quite polite & in possession of good english skills (no German though).

2.) Service Bei Otto
Fast! We didn’t have to wait for to long until drinks & welcome bread arrived. Even the main courses arrived quite fast. So nothing to complain here. Fast & friendly. Like in Germany ;-)

3.) Quality & Price at Bei Otto
The quality is quite good here I’d say. You wouldn’t compare it to ‘real’ speciality Restaurants in Germany or Austria (like ‘Figlmueller’ in Vienna for example) but does taste good. Schnitzel, Soup, Sausages, Sauerkraut & even the beer were quite decent. My friend, who had her first encounter with German beer ever, was quite “impressed” by it ;-)

However the price is quite high (2 persons: 1200 THB) and therefore I would have expected a little more. German sized portions for example. The portions have been not as big as I am used to from Germany and when it comes to expensive high class Restaurants that’s also something we have to take into account.

Bottom Line
Bei Otto is a decent place to find some German food in the middle of Sukhumvit – however it does not get the 5 out 5 rating due to the smaller portions and the high prices. Nevertheless I was happy to visit this place and eat some food ‘like home’ again.

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