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GajaPuri Resort & Spa Koh Chang, Thailand [review]

When thinking about getting away from busy Bangkok for a few days, Koh Chang is very often the island of choice for locals and tourists alike. And there’s a good reason for it. It’s not as close as Koh Samed or Koh Larn and therefore doesn’t see as many weekend trips and, even though it’s famous, still somewhat manages to maintain the ‘cool island’ vibe. If you’re also thinking about heading to Koh Chang, here’s my review of GajaPuri Resort & Spa, a more upscale, yet affordable place to stay and relax for a few days.

The resort describes itself as follows: “GajaPuri backs on to a natural rainforest reserve with scenic mountain views that surround your line of sight. GajaPuri is laid out like a cozy village with a unique wooden pathway leading you towards your private corner in paradise …” – let’s see if that holds true.


GajaPuri is located on Kai Bae Beach and rather easy to reach. It is just 15 minutes from Ao Sapparod Ferry-pier, positioned on the western side of Koh Chang. You can experience a sense of peace and freedom with beautiful white sand beaches, rainforests, and mountain views serving as the perfect backdrop. There are Minibuses (Thai: “Song Taew”) running and the trip will approximately cost you 80 – 100 THB per person. With Koh Chang becoming more famous with every type of traveler you will also see some ‘crappy’ places around, especially if you go for a walk down the road towards the restaurants and bars – but it’s always up to you whether or not you end up going in there.


The Amenities and the overall surrounding at GajaPuri is really nice, calm and peaceful. Even though it houses quite a few guests it doesn’t feel crowded and remains peaceful all through it’s property.

Beach & Sea

The only ‘minus’ point I’d have to give to GajaPuri Koh Chang is that the beach isn’t that great for chilling and the water isn’t that clear. It’s not dirty, just full of seaweed and pretty rocky which makes it a bit difficult to just chill and relax. However that’s probably also the reason why it’s so nice and quiet there so it has something positive to it as well.


The pool isn’t super huge but nicely done, very clean and it feels like there’s not much chlorine being used. Just like the rest of the resort it also provides a rather calm and quiet experience and is just perfect to relax for a bit. It’s big enough to have a swim as well – in case you feel like you have to work out a bit.


Great Wifi connection in the room, decent wifi poolside and in the restaurants. Can’t ask for much more from my point of view. The login didn’t work right after check in but they reset the password right away and then it was all smooth from there on.


This review focuses on the basic room, but even that basic room was really really nice. Very clean, very comfortable, big bathroom with rain shower. Perfect. From a personal point of view this was the first bed I slept very well in. Usually I have issues sleeping in random beds, but this was really comfortable and I slept like a baby.


The staff was very polite and very helpful when ever asked upon but without being too pushy. There’s nothing much to say about besides that. Good job, highly recommended.


The breakfast buffet that was included was pretty good. The variety wasn’t as large as in other hotels and resorts, the quality therefore was pretty high and I enjoyed the taste of everything that was offered. The noise was also kept to a minimum and the atmosphere was also very calm and relaxing.

The additional restaurant also served good food and drinks. The location close to the beach certainly also adds to the overall chilled out experience.

Overall I did enjoy the stay here and should I ever go back to Koh Chang I certainly would take another stay at GajaPuri Resort and Spa Koh Chang into consideration.

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