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Foo Fighters Live in Bangkok 2017 Review

Concert review time with the most anticipated concert of all (for me!) in a year that is stacked with super stars heading here to the City of Angels. I’ve been a foo fighter fan ever since “Big Me” (takes out a Mentos Footos) back in 1996 which means I am, in Dave Grohl’s own words, an old mother****er. Thanks, Dave, glad to see you as well.

The Foo Fighters have been one of two bands on top of my bucket list of bands I wanted to see live at least once, the other, tragically being Linkin’ Park. Since this is not possible anymore, I was even more looking forward to this concert. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t critical – if you’ve read prior concert reviews you might have seen that I’m not always just fan boying and, upon arriving at the venue, my German spirit came crashing down in full force when I saw the terrible job the organizers were doing in letting people into the venue. The queues were insanely long and staff seemed to be helpless at points and in way above their heads. It wasn’t even such a big venue (which also was a bit disappointing. Come one, it’s the Foo Fighters and you can’t fill a bigger venue?). However that wasn’t the bands fault and hence no reason to bring fire and fury like the world has never seen (yes, I do follow politics) into this review.

The Foo Fighters live in Concert

The tentative schedule that made the rounds said the Foo Fighters would play from 21.15 – 22.45 but everybody who has ever seen a Foo Fighters concert before, live or on youtube, knew that wouldn’t happen. The Foo Fighters don’t just play 90 minutes and go home. They give their fans what they deserve. To quote Dave Grohl once more: “We got a 150 songs and we’re going to play all of them”.

Once the concert kicked off, everything was forgotten. The small venue, the bad organization, the empty seats and the weird security guys. The band established a quick connection with the audience (Dave’s use of the F word is almost poetic) and while one might think that such a big band wouldn’t be that motivated to play in front of a smaller audience they didn’t seem to be bothered and simply put on a great show. I want to be like that when I’m old(er)!

One thing I loved was that at some point the band actually seemed a bit stunned that the audience could sing along with some of the old, less famous songs as most of the people at the concert weren’t around in the 90s they sure did their homework and knew the lyrics to most songs. In between their biggest hits (and man do they have a lot of hits) they seemed to improvise a bit and even hit us with a few really old or less played songs which was also pretty cool and made the evening feel even more special.

When looking at Dave or Taylor you wouldn’t necessarily know how old they are but when you look a bit further right to Pat Smear you see that he’s not the youngest anymore but he still has so much fun and puts so much passion into performing, it’s just insane. You gotta love it. The fact that they’ve all been together for so long also allows for great chemistry on stage which results in a perfect show that doesn’t feel forced or rehearsed at all.

Back to the songs. Most bands start off slowly and then hit you with their hits at the end. The Foo Fighters have so many hits, they don’t need to do that. They start off with full force and Everlong, hit you with Learn to Fly, top it with The Pretender, make the crowd go wild with Hero and cap it off with The Best of You and many more ass kicking hits in between which leads to 2.5 hours passing by as if it was nothing (here’s to hoping that my voice will be back one of these days). They obviously also take some breathers with a few slower sings in between but they aren’t less energetic or have the crowd any less invested. Even the new songs, which are often problematic at concerts, connected well with everyone. Heck, many audience members even knew the lyrics to those.

If you would ask me about my favorite song or moment from the concert, I couldn’t really answer. As soon as the Foo Fighters went on stage I felt like the money was already worth it. While singing along to Everlong I thought ‘man, that starts off really well’ but when The Pretender hit I got some real goose bumps which got even topped with Hero and the singing audience but even ‘slow’ songs such as Wheels kicked and kept a smile on my face for the whole of the concert. I don’t want to sound like a typical fan boy, but there really was no low point (besides the spilled beer on my clothes – thx neighbor – but whatever. THERE GOES MY HEROOOOOO). Well, actually there was a problem: The concert ended! But it’s alright, it’s alright. They said they’ll be back, and I’ll most certainly be there.

With this performance the Foo Fighters shot right to the top of my top live acts right past Coldplay and probably even past Imagine Dragons. What did you think about the concert? Shout out in the comments!


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