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Fly Me To The Moon – Aerial Yoga (Fly) & Pole Dance Studio review

After my favorite yoga fly studio was shut down I had to look for a different place to practice aerial yoga. Eventually I was able to find a new cool place that allowed me to join Yoga Fly classes once more. I actually found this place as my former teacher started teaching there as well. So if you are looking for a nice place to practice aerial yoga or simply want to try something new such as Aerial fly (or aerial hammock), pole dance (not stripper) or Aerial Hoop, Fly me to the moon studio is your answer.

Why I like this Pole and Aerial Yoga studio.

  1. First of all my favorite teacher from my previous studio teaches here. He’s awesome. Obviously I also met lots of new teachers who all are also pretty cool!  
  2. They don’t only offer aerial hammock classes but also pole dancing! I wanted to try this for a long time but always had to buy extra classes at another studio. As this wasn’t very convenient for me since I work rather far away. Now having Pole Dance and Aerial Yoga under one roof is perfect. How nice! 
  3. The location is pretty cool. It’s really easy to reach. I can simply take the BTS and am there in no time to join classes. 

Yoga & Pole studio location & atmosphere

The studio is located on the 5th floor of the Baan Yodsawadee Building. It is easy to find and very convenient for me because it takes only a 5 minutes walk from BTS ARI to the studio.

Before entering the studio you can see a big logo of the studio which will tell you that you arrived at the right place. You then can get ready by taking off your shoes at the outside (of course thai culture) and get into the studio. There is a small waiting area and a reception to be found. Then you’ll see the first room which is a Pole dance room. It can accommodate 6 students + 1 teacher. I think that’s enough; it is not too small or too big so the teacher can assure safety and take care of everyone. Two things that I like here are the cool background which is very nice when you want to take a picture (show off) and the spotlight which will also help you to take better pictures :P

The next room is the so called Moon room. Why is it called Moon room? Well because of the Big Moon (Fly me to the moon!) in the room. This room is for Aerial fly, aerial hoop, yoga, and also dance classes. It is bigger than the pole room and can accommodate around 10 people in class. In my opinion, the hammocks are too close to each other. When you practice aerial yoga your foot or your classmate’s foot might hit your head sometimes. That’s not a big problem though as we’re already used to it by now ;-)

If you are too shy to wear those sexy exercise outfits on the way from your home, there is a changing room too with a nice light and cool design (like a circus tent). There is also a toilet outside the studio. So there’s all you need.

Price of the aerial & pole yoga studio

Price, there are many prices and packages available. Those are 10 times, 20 times, 50 times or drop in, etc. You can also share packages with your friends if you think it’s too much for one person. Oh I forgot to mention about the unlimited class price: Here you can join as many as you want (or can). They have a good offer for 1st time joiners too. I compare the price here with another famous studio in Bangkok and I found that here it has the cheaper offer. If you want to know more about packages and policy stuff you should contact them directly, they usually answer quickly. 

Yoga and Pole Classes & booking

There are many different classes at different times. Each class got its specific level. For example: pole class introduction or aerial hammock introduction. So you know those classes are for beginner level and you don’t need to be afraid if you join here for the 1st time  My favorite time is 18.30-20.30 on Wednesday. It is always fully reserved though so you have to book fast enough :P

How to book? There is an application called Mindbody. Once you bought a package with them, they will register your info to this application (via your email). Afterwards you can check and book and cancel via this app. Easy. For a first contact you can reach them on Facebook or LINE.

Overall, it’s a nice place to exercise & I met new, likeminded, friends here. If you are still looking for a nice activity to do when you’re done with work or study or in your free time, I strongly recommend this place  

Kusuma Raveksom

Kusuma (Koii) is a travel and sports aficionado based in Bangkok. She loves pole dancing, aerial yoga and adventurous travels with her backpack. You can follow her on IG.

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