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Fixing Beats By Dre Headphones in Bangkok

I love music! Who doesn’t? And as stated before I find music to be the best way to ignore the busy and hectic daily commute Bangkok makes you suffer through while listening to my favorite beats (now again on spotify after having tried apple music for a while). Having that said my most crucial companion on my journeys through the big city jungle and the oh so hated dense public transportation systems and traffic jams are my (slightly more than a year old) Beats By Dre. I use them every single day. No matter where I go, what the weather is like, my beats are with me and help me to phase out and focus on myself when needed.

Since I use them every single day they, obviously, are showing some signs of wear and aren’t all that new anymore. At one point the cover of the cushions even started to become a bit lose and came off on small parts. A quick google search brought me to a McGyver’ish solution (on that actually worked for a while. Eventually, however, the trick with using a credit card to tuck the leather under the cover wouldn’t work anymore and the cover came off more and more.

As reasonable Apple user who still had some faith in the company that asks for ridiculous prices for their gadgets I went to official (and less official) Apple repair / service / care centers all across town just to hear the same answer over and over again: We can’t exchange the cushions, we have to replace the whole headphone. That’s 6k THB. What the heck, Apple?

apple fix in bangkok
apple fix in bangkok

As I didn’t want to lose that much money and time I decided not to go with the official Apple solution (as my guarantee already expired) and tried to look for alternatives. I went to all the malls and shops that one would assume have services that could help in this regard. I pretty much asked at every shop in Fortune Town or MBK but all of them said they couldn’t do or they don’t have apple replacement products or they just don’t want to fix an apple headphone.

As frustration grew bigger Facebook eventually proved to be my savior and actually did what a social network should do. Show you relevant results to what you are looking for. Via Facebook I was able to get my headphones to a very (!!!) small shop around Chula Soi 20 inside (!!!) a restaurant (find him on Facebook) and had it fixed within 10 minutes for 1k THB (yes, it would be cheaper doing it yourself but I’m terrible at such things and don’t have any tools handy). The guy fixing it even gave me a ‘guarantee’ of six months on it.

So if you’re finding yourself in a similar struggle, say eff you Apple, and go for this store right away. Will save you time and money.

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