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FIVB Swatch World Tour 2012 Bangsaen Beach, Chonburi, Thailand

Finally FIVB has come to Thailand again. The official, Swatch sponsored, Beachvolleyball World Tour held its final tournament once again in Thailand. Teams from all over the world gathered 1 hour away from Bangkok City.

Chonburi is located at the seaside and famous as an easy getaway from Bangkok and half way to well known Sin City Pattaya. However Chonburi is still a little sleepy (at least down at the seaside) and far away from being a party city.

The FIVB Swatch Beachvolleyball World Tour did, what they always do. Building artificial sand courts close to the water. Hence the atmosphere was pretty cool with a cool breeze coming into the stadium once in a while.

However I have to say that the overall atmosphere wasn’t that awesome since only a few fans found their way to the stadium. For people living here that’s not a surprise (Thais don’t like to hang out in the sun) but it still was a little disappointing. It finally changed on the final day of the event when the ranks were filled for the first time of the event.

The event itself was pretty cool and offered everything you expect from such a thing. Boothes, games, practice courts – that even were available to us after hours (!!!). So we ended up playing after dark (thanks to the lights there!) and before their matches on official FIVB courts with official FIVB players (who really seemed to love what they do since they spent a lot of time playing with us). A Beachvolleyballer’s dream came true :-)

The main event:

The USA, silver medallists of the London Olympics 2012, beat the Russian team for the gold medal while Team Brasil defeated Russia II for the Bronze medal. Team Brasil was by far the most attractive team to watch (in all kinds of aspects) and really got the crowd going while the Americans shined with arrogance and seriousness. However at the end of the day it’s all about business for the players there and so it’s understandable that some take their job more serious than others. Hence congratulations to Team USA to a professional performance.

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