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First time Mahasarakham

Back home in Udon Thani! After some days in Mahasarakham City, Mahasarakham. Since I heard a lot of Sarakham (how many lazy Thais call it) I did not expect tooo much when entering Mahasarakham after a three hours journey with our college bus. The first impression: Wow! Nice University! Nice Colleges! A lot of students! But where is the college we intended to visit? The college for Agriculture and Technology. Well….we had to pass Mahasarakham city, drive another 10-12 kilometers and then – in the middle of nowhere – turn right. There it was!

The way to Mahasarakham

When leaving Udon Thani, we headed towards Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen and turned left short before entering Khon Kaen city heading into the Karasin direction. About 40 kilometers before reaching Mahasarakham we left the highway made our way to ‘education city`on a more ‘relaxed’ road.

The College of Agriculture and Technology

As mentioned before, it was my first time there. But, as almost everywhere in Thailand, that does not matter to the people. They welcome you very very friendly, always smiling and always happy. I really liked most of the very friendly and very happy people down there! Looks like Sina has some great work mates!

mahasarakham - close to the college of agriculture

Home sweet home

Sina’s home is not placed directly at the college campus (unlike mine over here in Udon Thani) but very close to it. There are some appartments where teachers – and until yesterday some students too – live. Nevertheless there is much space in between everything and a lot of…nothing! But that`s what makes Sarakham so special. It was really nice to be away from everything. No noisy cars like over here in Udon, no party people (usually) hanging out in front of your window….relaxing and enjoying the silence & nature. Nice!

food @ chinese festival in mahasarakham
food @ chinese festival in mahasarakham

Mahasarakham – City

The city of Sarakham itself offers everything, a city in Thailand needs. 7-elevens, Big C, Tesco, Shopping Center. And – lucky me – right now a very nice and interesting chinese festival. As fan of my blog you know: festival in Thailand = fooooood! Same same with the chinese festival in Sarakham. A LOT of good food, interesting tiny shops and many many people. We went there first with the chinese students of Sarakham Agricultural College in order to celebrate their last day abroad. Since we really liked it, we came back the other day and tried some more food. Yay!


bus @ mahasarakham
bus @ mahasarakham

Way back to Udon Thani

The way back to Udon Thani was a little more of an adventure than the way to Mahasarakham. Since I came with our very own college bus and a colleague that was not much of a difficulty. The way back a little more. I took a bus at the bus station in Mahasarakham that went via Khon Kaen home to Udon Thani. Thanks to Sina’s improving Thai skills, it was not much of a problem to find the right bus – and luckily I did not have to change in Khon Kaen like expected. Nevertheless it felt a little adventurous. Sitting with my backpack in a bus with people that speak a completely different language – not really being able to communicate. But, obviously, it all went well and it really felt like coming home when I left the freezing cold bus at Udon Thani bus station. I’m looking forward to my next bus ride, next weekend, to Khon Kaen!

Sascha Funk

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