Fast and Furious 7 (not) banned by court from showing in Thailand

Yes, you read that headline right. And now, that’s not a Hunger Games like ban by the government. It’s a simple legal issue that will prevent Thai fans from seeing part 7 of one of the most successful action franchises over the past decade.

So what happened? The Civil Court has prohibited the screening of Fast and Furious 7, which was due to open on April 1, pending settlement of a breach of contract dispute between Sahamongkol Film and one of the new stars in the movie, Thai martial artist Panom Yeerum, a.k.a. Tony Jaa.

Such cases usually take forever – which is something that Universal Pictures probably doesn’t want to hear. Hence it is thought that the parties are trying to settle their dispute outside the court. But when and how is the question. It probably all comes down to how much Universal is willing to pay Sahamongkol.

Why Sahamongkol? They are behind a lot of Jaa’s older blockbusters, including Ong-Bak, which made him quite famous, even abroad. According to Sahamongkol Jaa still has a contract with them until 2023 and they obviously want something in return for letting him go now. FF7 is, by the way, not the only movie affected by this. He also has 2 further movies in the pipe that also face a ban here. But for now it’s interesting to see if we will be able to watch Fast and Furious 7 anytime soon here in Thailand.

Update 30/03/2015: The Civil Court lifted the ban! Meaning the movie can roll out as planned. Yay!

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