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Digital Nomad in Bangkok: How to Have Fun and Get Work Done

Life in the Land of Smiles almost never gets dull. You have plenty of reasons that you might want to live and work here. Bangkok, a city of 8.2 million people, has a huge digital nomad community, and it’s a fun place to live and work. This is a fantastic place for an expat who wants to live a fun and exciting life. In fact, Bangkok has become world famous for its blood-pumping, action-filled nightlife.

How’s Life in Bangkok as an Expat?

At face value, you might not imagine Bangkok as an exciting place to live with its potential for political instability, and the fact that the economy in Thailand continues to be outperformed by its neighbors. Still, most arrivals can overlook this unseemly element to fully enjoy their time of living in Bangkok. Ultimately, the pros of living here outweigh the cons. The cost of living is low enough while the quality of life will be much higher here because the Australian dollar will go much further here, while you experience the thrills of the life and culture in another country.

What Makes Bangkok a Nomad Choice?

The biggest thing that has made this city popular with the digital nomad community is the fact that you have low prices while the food is known for being some of the best in the world. It costs about a fraction of what it might cost to live in Australia, the United States, Canada or the UK. You have so many sights and sounds that you can see while living here that you wouldn’t experience elsewhere. In addition, you can find internet cafes and a coworking space to keep the cash flowing. Life as a digital nomad in Bangkok can be extraordinarily exciting. While here, be certain to check out Sukhumvit, a location well known for its rich shopping and exciting nightlife with extravagant hotels.

Another reason this has flowered a bustling digital nomad community is because of the healthcare. For example, if you were to go and live in Chile, Colombia, or Greece, Thailand easily has the better healthcare system. For someone who isn’t in the best health, it can be a safer alternative for you.

Where to Work?

If you’re looking for a good coworking space, one of the best coworking spaces in Bangkok is Antares Serviced Offices in the downtown Bangkok area. One of the coolest things about this office space is how it looks fresh and clean. The workspace has more than 250 offices in the interior. No unwelcome surprises and you will receive everything needed for international business needs. Not only does this serve as a great space to work, it can be a fantastic place to meet with and impress clients. 

Fun Things to Do in Bangkok?

Life as a digital nomad in Bangkok never gets old. You have an endless number of things to do on top of the lively nightlife. For example, you could take a tuk-tuk to the Grand Palace, a royal palace built in 1782, but it has now become a museum open to visitors. You might also head to Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. It’s the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, and the aquarium covers 10,000 square meters with hundreds of marine wildlife creatures.

If you want to live in Bangkok, you’re in for a definite treat. Everything from the food to the bustling nightlife to the luxurious hotels and smiling faces will magnetize you and keep you coming back to this fascinating city in Southeast Asia.

Wassana Lampech

Wassana is originally from southern Thailand. She loves to travel. You can find her on Twitter or see more Thailand photos from her Instagram.

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