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Finally I found the motivation to change gyms. I haven’t been really happy with my membership at Atrium Athletic / Health Club for quite a while as it felt like they’re more focusing on appealing to an upper class audience who prefers to take pics of themselves in the gym rather than towards people who actually want to work out. Also the trainers and staff there were mostly (2 of them were super nice though) rather unfriendly and ignorant in the end.

Those reasons above let me to look for a different gym and I found that in DD Fitness Bangkok. DD Fitness isn’t as fancy as Fitness First or We Fitness but it does offer lots of equipment and enough space to move around freely. What I do like about DD Fitness in Ari, Bangkok is that it’s not as cold as other gyms – the a/c is held to a minimum so you can actually sweat when working out plus the grind is simply more present there and it feels like the people going there are more into actually working out rather than just posting on fb ‘at the gym’.

Besides having more of a ‘grind’ feel, it’s also (way) cheaper than those upper class gyms. This obviously comes at a (ba dum tsss) price. You will have to bring your own lock for the lockers and your own towel. Moreover the bathrooms aren’t as fancy as in other gyms, the shower rooms are pretty basic and you shouldn’t expect a super rain shower or mega high end steam room. Nevertheless I don’t mind that as I don’t need to have super hiso gyms but rather, again, feel the grind whenever I’m at the gym.

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What’s your favorite gym?

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