Dating in Thailand: The Love Between Thai Women and ForeignersLiving 

Dating in Thailand: The Love Between Thai Women and Foreigners

Ahh, Thailand. The land of smiles. One of the most visited countries in Asia by expats and tourists alike. What is it with this country that makes it so popular with them? For most, it is usually because of the beautiful beaches, affordable travel costs, and the attractive and hospitable locals.

But a topic that’s always been an attention grabber is Thailand’s dating scene. With the country’s abundance of foreign visitors, seeing them on a daily basis is nothing new for the locals, and that includes interracial relationships with mostly local Thai women. Such relationships are widely accepted in Thailand unlike before, where if a male foreigner is spotted with a local Thai woman, they would definitely attract stares and unwanted comments from onlookers.

So how did these romances start? Where did they meet? How do they make it work?

First, let’s tackle on which places these couples usually meet.

Dating Sites

A great thing about online dating in Thailand is that it’s socially accepted. Meaning, one won’t be judged and perceived as a weirdo if they ever say that they’re a member of a dating platform. Some or probably most of the interracial couples(a Thai local and a foreigner) you will see in Thailand met in an online dating site and their partners probably relocated because they want to be together with their other half.

There is an abundance of dating sites specifically for meeting Thai singles all over the internet with hundreds of thousands to millions of users. But behind all those successes are also a huge number of scammed individuals. Yes, scams in Thai dating sites do exist.

One doesn’t have to be a dating expert to in order to succeed in online dating. But it is important to keep in mind that if they’re thinking of meeting singles in a Thai dating site, they’re aware of what to do, what to avoid in their dating profile, and reaching out to people.

Practically anywhere in Thailand

When someone talks about the best places in Thailand, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, and Phuket. These places are just a few of the major cities in Thailand where there’s a great abundance of locals and foreigners.

In these cities, one can find Thai singles from different walks of life. But when they’re out to meet and date single people, there are places where one could go and visit (this would depend on what type of date/relationship they’re looking for.)

The previously mentioned major Thai cities have similar places where one could look. According to Global Seducer, places like beaches, resorts, and malls are great game spots. Nightclubs and bars are also good choices(though one should be careful with these two.)

Bottomline is it all depends on a person’s preferences on how they would look for dates and decide who to date. As long as they’re careful and aware of Thai dating scams, it will all go well. Nobody wants to be scammed, right?

How do they make the relationship work despite their differences?

This is a completely normal struggle when in a relationship and this is even harder if the difference is in a cultural aspect. It may be easy to think about it, but one of the best ways to make it work is through understanding and compromise. It is also by accepting to each other’s differences and helping each other be the best versions of yourselves.

Let’s take religion as one of the differences. Because religion is a big part of each Thai local’s life right from the start, one must respect their beliefs and traditions to show transparency and courtesy towards them.

But if the relationship is still in the “getting to know you“ stage and online communication platforms are used, it’s important to keep in mind that an extreme sense of commitment and patience is needed to constantly keep in contact with each other(especially if time zones are so far apart.)

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