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When checking the requests we get here on on a frequent basis then the question in regards to reliable custom tailors is one that we come across rather often. That makes sense of course as Thailand is somewhat famous for inexpensive, yet decent quality, custom made suits. While there are many tailors to be found in common tourist areas we tried to find a shop that we not just ‘know’ but actually can recommend due to personal talks and experiences with the owner. This brings us to “Topasia Suit”.

Why do we recommend Topasia?

No, not because we get any commission (hey Top, maybe we have to negotiate that :P) but because we actually went there, talked with the owner (“Top”) and found that this place is the real deal. You won’t get pressured into buying stuff that you don’t want, you won’t see anyone following you around and talking to you outside of the shop and trying to convince you to go in, and you won’t pay an extra tourist charge or pay for the commission of the taxi driver that dropped you off there. You will get a personal consultation, can bring your own ideas and find someone that is willing to listen to you and make things happen to the best of his abilities.

If you’re interested in the background story of Topasia, simply ask for the details once you are there. I’m sure Top is willing to share it with you. It sounds like a nice movie story though. Studied at University, then realized that the field of studies wasn’t interesting in real life, then drove taxis, improved on English skills while doing though, taking marketing / business classes by himself, working as custom tailor from home before being able to open an own shop where it is right now. From zero to hero so to speak. Impressive.

What do I get at Topasia?

You can expect any kind of suit that you can imagine. From old-school, to hipster, from high-society to cool and young. Ideally you would come with an idea or an example on IG or Pinterest and you’d take it from there together with the guys at Topasia suits. They also do both, male and female suits so all your needs will be fulfilled there. All in one stop shop for suits so to speak.

Where is Topasia located?

Topasia is conveniently located within the Suan Luang Square area which is not far away from the famous MBK shopping mall (BTS Skytrain: “National Stadium”, MRT Underground “Sam Yan”). Suan Luang is close to the “I’m Park” open air shopping area next to Chulalongkorn University so it’s a sure no-miss and you’ll certainly be able to find it. You can take a taxi, motorcycle taxi or simply walk from either the BTS or MRT stops.

If you’re going by taxi, show this address to your taxi driver:

TOPASIA Suit ห้อง 121 จุฬา ซอย 16 สวนหลวงสแควร์
Bangkok, Thailand

How to contact Topasia Suit Bangkok?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply get in touch with them over Facebook and you’ll get a response asap. Walking in could work too of course but why not getting in touch before and making an appointment to make sure you won’t have to wait?

Have you been there? If so, share your experiences in the comments and show us your pictures by tagging @mythaiorg or #mythaiorg on instagram

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