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Cruising the Mekong River at Nong Khai

Last week I was invited by my director to join her and her friends from her hometown for dinner in Nong Khai. Since Nong Khai is about 1 hour by car away, you do not go there to have dinner in just another usual restaurant, of course. You go there to have dinner on the mighty Mekong river. While cruising on it in a restaurant boat.

sunset on the mekong river in nong khai, thailand
everybody had to take pictures =)

Eating, Drinking and cruising between Thailand and Laos. With one of the most amazing sunsets I have seen in quite a while. Even though the food was not the most amazing thing I have ever eaten (mostly fish) the journey on the Mekong river itself was quite nice. And as you can see in the video the sun sets really really fast over here in Thailand.

Besides the amazing sunset it was quite nice to come so close to Laos. I know it is not a big deal (as long as you have the right visa) to travel there, but it still feels foreign. Somehow :-) Furthermore I met some really funny people on the boat and talked ‘real’ english again. An elder swedish couple was on the same boat and wondered how I fit into a group of about 30 Thai people. So they asked me :-) Had a nice chat and the woman told me about her daughter who moved to Thailand in order to run a caf� instead of working in her learned film business. So there are more people like me – hunting for freedom and luck in the land of smile. Nice learning!

If you want to see more sunset pictures from the Mekong river, feel free to check out my facebook album.

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