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crossing borders – Vientiane, Laos

Since i had some days off here at the college I decided to take the chance of the long weekend and simply do what I like to do. Crossing borders. This time not in a cultural way (happens quite often here in Thailand – even after such a long time here) but literally. I went over the border in Nongkhai and went to Laos. To be exact to the Laos’ capital Vientiane.

The crossing of the Laos border

Is not that hard but not that easy either. When you want to take a direct bus from anywhere in Thailand to Laos you need to get your visa ahead. If you do not have a visa for Laos you need to go the border by yourself and buy one visa there. That’s the way we did it last weekend. We went to Nongkhai by bus, went to the Thai-Lao-Friendship Bridge and bought our visas there. Then we entered Laos and went by TukTuk (now I know that bus number 14 leaves there too. Would have been cheaper!) to Vientiane (about 30 km away from the border).

>> A further review of Vientiane (written by myself) can also be found here <<

The first impression was then quite…interesting. Unlike most capitals I know Vientiane looked more like a small and sleepy backpacker town where nobody else usually�travels�to. After finding a nice hostel to stay we strolled around the city, enjoyed the riverside (which really makes you feel like the ocean starts around the next corner).

Furthermore Vientiane is a nice city to explore by motorcycle. We went to the “Buddha Park” (see pictures on facebook) and were just having a good time on the road! So advice for all Vientiane visitors: Get a rolling vehicle :-)

Since I get eaten alive while writing this (Mosquitos suck!) I have to stop for now. So next advice: Check to above mentioned website where I already reviewed my trip and check out my video on youtube and the pics on facebook.

Next time I try to find a better mosquito protection ;-)

Update: Visa for Laos!

Since I received a lot of questions about the Visa for Laos and where to get it. Here is the short answer:
You can get it directly at the border. No problem at all! Just bring enough money (depends on your nationality. Usually between 1.500 and 2.000 Thai Baht – about 30-35 USD) and a passport picture (you can even make one there but it might be more expensive).

If you do not want to stop at the border but want to go straight through you might buy the visa upfront. If you really trust some thai agencies that offer “official Laos Visa services” is your own decission ;-)

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