ClickZ Live Bangkok 2014 – SES conference comes to the Big Mango.

Being in Digital Marketing I’m kind of excited about this announcement. CLickZ Live comes to Bangkok! You might not have heard of ClickZ itself since it’s still quite a new name. However before ClickZ became ClickZ it was widely known as SES Conference & Expo. And that’s quite a household name in the Digital Marketing space, isn’t it?

So when will it take place? 

  • November 11: trainings, workshops – woohoo! Cool idea! (should I mention that I was involved in the planning process? :p)
  • November 12: conference

Who will be there?

  • lots of cool people!
  • Speakers from Philips, Sanook, SAP, Cisco, Ebay, ….
  • me as MC ;-)
  • You!

Where will it be?

Renaissance Bangkok

Where can I get tickets?

Here: ClickZ Conference Bangkok


Why do I announce that?

No, I don’t get any commission. Maybe I have to negotiate that. As I already hinted however I have been a bit involved in the planning. When ClickZ had the idea to expand to Bangkok they reached out to me (and other cool people :P) in order to feedback and come up with ideas and concepts for interesting talks / workshops. Since I haven’t seen any (!) real good conference here in Thailand ever since arriving, especially in the Digital Marketing sector, I hope ClickZ is going to change that. The line-up looks like it can compete to those in the States or Europe – now it’s up to the speakers to live up to those expectations. Oh and the MC of course…

So will you go? If yes, what are you looking forward to see/hear?  If not what keeps you away? 

Sascha Funk

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Sascha is the publisher of and switched from an online marketing agency life in Europe to a teaching and education life in Thailand. He also writes about Teaching & Technology.

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