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Chef’s Secret – Healthy Food Delivery Review

As you probably read by now, I’m on the quest to live more healthy which also relates to finding better, healthier food. As my kitchen is a joke / non existent, I am trying healthy food delivery options right now. This time, Chef’s secret. And this review will be different to all the other ones because…you’ll see.

Taste of Chef’s Secret Food

Good. Can’t complain about that. It tastes totally fine.

Delivery, Freshness, et al

They delivered on time. And it arrived partly frozen in those small plastic bags as seen on the top cover photo of the article. A bit weird that some bags have been deep frozen while others weren’t which indicates to me that some of the food wasn’t fresh but probably prepared beforehand.

Meal Size

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

If you breathe in twice, it’s all gone.

Nothing more to say. Can’t take a shop serious that sells 1/5th of a meal. And yeah yeah, you could eat more. I ate three of those things and am still hungry. Obviously you need rice to eat, but still, rather disappointed by the size.

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