Chan Myaye Guesthouse Yangon [Review]

During my stay in Yangon I went with Chan Myaye Guesthouse. Mainly thanks to lots of positive online reviews. I sent them an email, they replied quite fast and reserved was my room. Now here comes the review.

Staff: The staff is incredibly friendly. And this is really a guesthouse. Not something that aims to be like a hotel…it definitely has guesthouse charm but the staff treats you like a 5 star guest. They are downright amazing. I can’t emphasize that enough. Probably one of the most friendly and helpful staff I’ve ever met.

Room: Well. The days that Myanmar was a cheap place for accommodation are over. I payed 20 USD for a pretty basic (single) room. Without windows or anything fancy. I arrived quite early so the room wasn’t cleaned up yet. Unfortunately they forgot to do that later in the day so that I didn’t have a blanket or new towels when I arrived late at night from my trip around the city. Not a big deal but a little bit on the downside – for 20 USD.

WiFi: As we seen in Myanmar before. Full connection to the signal but the network connection itself is so slow, you might as well send a literal snail mail.

Bathroom: I had a shared bathroom. Super basic but very clean. Even with hot shower. No problem at all.

Guesthouse: Quite a funny location. The reception is on the 5th floor of a house in the middle of a very busy road with other shops and guesthouses surrounding it. The rooms itself then are located on the 8th floor. Weird but somehow charming too.

Location: Perfect. Can’t get much better. Between the railway station and City Hall / Sule Pagoda. All the downtown (and even the rest) sights in walking distance.

Overall: The staff really made this an awesome stay. The breakfast that was included was also ok – especially if you keep considering that this is a guesthouse (a 20$ guesthouse that is though). There are a few other guesthouses that I might would want to check out but I really would consider staying here again.

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