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All talk but where’s the action? Conference Overkill in Bangkok

Hey say. Are you going to that event next week? No, not that one, the other one! Even though that one sounds cool too. Or that one the day after and the other one the week after and those others in the following weeks…. The startup scene keeps buzzing and buzzing over here in (Southeast) Asia and Bangkok keeps developing more and more into the hub for all things tech. Sure, Singapore is ‘faster’ and hosts a fair share of ‘cool’ events but Bangkok is not far away and in…

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Bank of Thailand tells Thais: Bitcoin is not a currency.

The Bank of Thailand issued a statement which reads that Thais should not use Bitcoin since it is not considered an official currency. The Bank further states that there is no way of protecting the value of bitcoins and there is no way of retrieving them if one loses them or gets screwed and so on. If you followed the bitcoin development a bit you know that there have been lots of troubles over the last few weeks with one bitcoin exchange (Mt. Gox) being all over the news lately.…

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How Social Media and technology could help education in Thailand

Another guespost on the topic of social media and education. I’m super happy that this topic draws so much attention. Here it comes. Thx to Nucha.  Technology and social media in the early year of 2000s has been use widely throughout the world. Technology such as computers and other electronic devices has been developed through the era based on the usage of the people. We are now in the year that technology goes beyond what we can imagine; the purpose is to make life easier. Most of the people now…

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