Low cost Airline review – Scoot Tiger Air

When you live in Asia for a while you obviously end up traveling quite a bit and, let’s be honest, we’re always happy to find good deals and don’t have to spend a lot of money for flights so that we can spend more on hotels or, more importantly, food! Therefore is happy to bring the low-cost airline comparison to you. We start things off with the best low-cost airline I’ve tried so far (that flies from and to Thailand), Scoot Tigerair. The flights I took with Scoot Tigerair…

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big buddha temple koh samui Traveling 

9 of the coolest temples to visit in Thailand

Time for some #RealTalk here. No matter if tourist or expat, at one point in your Thailand journey you quite likely will suffer from something we here call “temple fatigue”. That’s nothing disrespectful, it’s just that you’ve seen lots of temples during your time in the Land of Smile and it becomes a bit repetitive. There are, even after you’ve seen a lot, still a few temples that stand out from the crowd and provide completely different vibe than most others. Here is a list of those 9 coolest temples…

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smoking ban thailand beaches Traveling 

Thailand to ban smoking at beaches

What has been announced quite some time ago now became reality, smoking will be banned on all Thai beaches starting Feb 1. 2018. If you still smoke and get caught this might land you in jail for up to one year or cost you 100,000 THB!  Now, this past Wednesday, a first trail started which will last for 90 days and included 24 beaches across the country. During this trial the law will be introduced and beach goers will be informed about the new law but not yet punished, according…

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5 cool artsy spaces in bangkok Traveling 

5 hidden “treasure” places in Bangkok city

New creative spaces and modern “hipster” markets are being made up nowadays in Bangkok. The one thing that got really trendy are the famous “train night markets” or “Talat Rodfai” (in thai) that are now spread into several places in Bangkok. However these places are now becoming more common and known by everyone which makes it not so unique anymore. As I have been living here since I could remember, I wanted to find the new “hidden treasures” of Bangkok city. Places that might not be well known by the…

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Why Foreigners love Thailand Traveling 

4 Reasons Why Western Travellers and Expats Love Thailand

Thailand is a hugely popular destination for tourism, and expat living, for people from many Western countries, including the USA, the UK and Australia. For many, Thailand is a dream vacation destination, whereas for others it is a place to start a new life. Here are just four of the reasons why Thailand has such a strong appeal to Westerners: 1. Good Value for Money People who flock to Thailand love how inexpensive it seems to have a good time there. This is due to the exchange rates, which those…

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Features Traveling 

How to piss off someone from Bangkok

Land of Smile. Happiness. Big Mango. City of Angels. All sounds awesome and as if Pharrell wrote his song ‘Happy’ just for us. But don’t be mistaken, Bangkokonians (yeah!) can be pretty pissed. So if you don’t want to get roundhouse-kicked (’cause everyone in Thailand can do Muay Thai) while hanging out in Khaosan Road be sure to not do the following things: Food “Hey you eat those cockroaches and strange bugs, right?” Most of my friends or people I met that came to BKK asked those questions. While I…

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big buddha temple koh samui Featured Traveling 

8 more of the most unique travel destinations in Thailand – Part 3

This marks the final part of our ‘unique travel destinations in Thailand’ list (part 1 | part 2). Hope you enjoyed all three parts and please do shout out if you got some more cool places on your mind of if you’ve actually been to any of our suggested places. Here we go with part 3! Buriram, Northeast Thailand As someone who spent lots of time in Isaan (Northeastern Thailand) I will always have a soft spot for destinations up there where not many tourists end up. Buriram does earn…

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