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Spartan Race Thailand November 2018

After the huge success of the first few spartan races in Thailand, Spartan is making the trifecta 2018 complete and is coming back to the land of smiles. This time to a new location though, not Pattaya but Hua Hin got the nod. Already looking forward to it. If you’ll take on the race, shout out! :-) #TeamMyThaiOrg The official Spartan Race Thailand announcement reads:  We are bringing Spartan Beast to Thailand at a brand new location at Army Non Commissioned Officer School in Hua Hin, Thailand. Claim your 2018…

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Living with Depression (in Thailand)

Mental health has become quite a topic over the past few years as we have seen many people suffering from depressive disorder or other mental health issues taking their own lives (last year it was Chester Bennington of Linkin’ Park as most ‘famous’ example). Even though the news talked about it for a while, by now it’s almost all completely forgotten again and nobody seems to care anymore. Here in Thailand old traditional values and thought processes are still being valued and held high and therefore ‘modern’ diseases such as…

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IGTV and Thailand Living Social Media 

IGTV – Instagram TV and Thailand

A few days ago Instagram launched its latest attempt on killing snapchat improving its offer. Instagram TV, or in short, IGTV. With Thailand being pretty much a mobile first country with an insane amount of active social media users this new feature will certainly not take long to catch on. What does it mean for Thailand and the Thai social media landscape though? Let’s have a look. Live features in social platforms, be that Facebook live or instagram live, are widely used here in Thailand so one can only assume…

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UN Women and Cindy Sirinya Bishop to launch a new exhibition on challenging misconceptions of sexual violence in Thailand

The #metoo movement has become a global outcry and, eventually, even spurred a movement (#donttellmehowtodress) here in Thailand that seems to hit society in a vulnerable place by talking about an issue that is so often ignored. In order to shine more light on sexual assault UN Women and Cindy Sirinya Bishop launch a new exhibition on challenging misconceptions of sexual violence in Thailand. Below the announcement by UN Woman Asia & the Pacific. Supporting the event ( is highly encouraged! WHAT: An exhibition “The Social Power Exhibition against Sexual Assault”…

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Planning a Business Trip and Successful Meeting in Bangkok Living 

Planning a Business Trip and Successful Meeting in Bangkok

A business trip to Bangkok can be an exciting experience from both a personal and professional perspective. You can help to further your career while also interacting with a new culture and immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of a large and bustling city. What should you know before heading there for your next business adventure? Get to Know Bangkok While no one is certain how the city got its name, it is believed to be derived from an incorrect translation by foreigners visiting the area in previous centuries.…

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11 Female Fitness IG Accounts Living 

11 female fitness related Instagram accounts to follow in Thailand

Let’s be honest. We all like to see fit people and all of us probably follow at least a few ‘fitness influencers’ or #fitspo heroes. Since the last iteration of the fittest female celebrities in Thailand article was rather successful but also has aged a bit it’s about time to publish the 2018 edition. This time it’s not only fit celebs though, it’s more. It took lots of research (yes, sympathy please) to come up with that list so here’s to you hopefully enjoying it (and taking it as what…

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Fixing Beats By Dre Headphones in Bangkok

I love music! Who doesn’t? And as stated before I find music to be the best way to ignore the busy and hectic daily commute Bangkok makes you suffer through while listening to my favorite beats (now again on spotify after having tried apple music for a while). Having that said my most crucial companion on my journeys through the big city jungle and the oh so hated dense public transportation systems and traffic jams are my (slightly more than a year old) Beats By Dre. I use them every…

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7 Bangkok districts to know Living 

7 Bangkok districts you should know [infographic]

Bangkok is huge and hence it can be very confusing to find your way around in the city of angels. The confusion might even start before arriving, when planning to find the right accommodation in the best area to stay. The following infographic will help you to get to know your destination a little bit better and highlight the seven most important districts of Bangkok city. Feel free to spread the love and share the infographic.

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cantina italian restaurant bangkok Living 

Cantina Wine Bar & Italian Restaurant [review]

Not too long ago I went to Cantina Wine Bar & Italian Restaurant in order to broaden my horizon and continue my journey on finding the best pizza in Thailand. Here’s my quick recap of the dinner experience at Cantina. Location of Cantina Wine Bar & Italian Restaurant Cantina is, unlike its famous counterpart, not located on Mos Eisley, but close to Sanam Pao BTS (not Ari!) station in Bangkok. From there it should be just a rather quick walk or very short motorcycle taxi ride. You can also go there…

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Visakha Bucha Day

Visakha Bucha Day 2018 falls on Tuesday, May 29th. It is one of the most important buddhist holidays and therefore celebrated extensively. Find some more general information below: VISAKHA BUCHA (Vesak) means the worship of Buddha on the full moon day of the sixth lunar month. This usually happens during May. In the case of a year with an extra eighth lunar month – Adhikamasa (there are 13 full moons in that year) – the Visakha Bucha Day falls on the full moon day of the seventh lunar month. BIRTH –…

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