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Cantina Wine Bar & Italian Restaurant [review]

Not too long ago I went to Cantina Wine Bar & Italian Restaurant in order to broaden my horizon and continue my journey on finding the best pizza in Thailand. Here’s my quick recap of the dinner experience at Cantina.

Location of Cantina Wine Bar & Italian Restaurant

Cantina is, unlike its famous counterpart, not located on Mos Eisley, but close to Sanam Pao BTS (not Ari!) station in Bangkok. From there it should be just a rather quick walk or very short motorcycle taxi ride. You can also go there by car and park on the road.


Atmosphere Cantina Bar and Italian Restaurant Ari Bangkok

The atmosphere is actually kinda nice. Old-school, two floors, candle light, wine bottles on the wall, pizza oven visible. Nice. Nothing much to complain about here, except that it’s kinda dark (or romantic, depends on how you see it).

Food at Cantina Bar and Italian Restaurant Bangkok Thailand

The food was ok. The bread as starter even really good. The breadsticks were rather dry and the pizza, the main dish, did its job somewhat but lacked toppings and had lots of American style cheese on it. Not a bad pizza, but certainly did not feel Italian and more Pizza Hut / Pizza Company like. Again, this can be good for certain target audiences but if you go to an ‘Italian restaurant’ you expect something different.

cantina pizza bangkok ari
cantina pizza bangkok ari

Staff at Cantina Bar and Restaurant Bangkok Thailand

The staff is alright. However they didn’t seem to be that attentive, had to be asked several times to provide certain services and also didn’t appear to be too friendly. They didn’t do anything bad, but also didn’t go out of their way to make us feel welcome.

Who shot first?

Han! Han short first.


Overall feedback for Cantina Bar and Italian Restaurant Bangkok

It was ok for what it was but if you go to a restaurant with a high price range you would expect real good food and great service and that’s, unfortunately, what was lacking here a bit. Probably won’t come back and rather try other places on my quest to find the best pizza place around.



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