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Camping Ground – Saphan Kwai Open Air Food Area [review]

I received quite some flack for my article ‘Why street food should be regulated in Thailand‘ since many people thought regulating = banning. It doesn’t! I was mostly advocating for more regulations (e.g. hygiene) and to move those sidewalk shops into a common area. Something like this just happened in the Saphan Kwai neighborhood of Bangkok. Lots of former street vendors moved onto a common area and the overall quality of the food as well as the atmosphere improved dramatically.

Name, location, atmosphere

The common food area in Saphan Kwai is located right on Pradipat Road across the Lumphini Condominium. It is called Camping Ground which is a pretty nice name in my opinion as the atmosphere there is a bit like on such a camping ground. You have some cool seating possibilities that are made off boxes but also some comfy steel chairs, a tipi (yes!) and a swing that are pretty nice to sit on and chill. There also is a stage that hosts local musicians once in a while. Overall the atmosphere is pretty chill and easy going which is so much cooler than sitting on a busy sidewalk.

Food choices, variety & pricing

The are quite a few food shops and the choices reach from Isaan (North-Eastern) food over Tom Yum (soup) to Steak. In regards to drinks you got water, soda, different kinds of Thai teas and even a beer bar.  The pricing of the above mentioned food and drinks is rather reasonable and still street food style in my opinion which means it’s not extensively over charged and I also didn’t need to pay due to being a foreigner (what I have to do when I got to the street food shop next door for example).

Quick Info:

  • Location: Pradipat Road, Saphan Kwai
  • How to go:
    • BTS to Saphan Kwai, then motorcycle to ‘camping ground’ or ‘lumphini’.
    • Bus 524, 3, 44, 97 to Pradipat Road, get off the 7-11 around Soi 14.
    • Car to Pradipat Road – Parking on the street right or the parking lot at the back of the Camping Ground.

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