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Bringing Christmas to Bangkok – Santa Cause BKK

While it is quite hard to find christmas feeling like ‘back home’ here in Bangkok I came across something that is way more christmasy than anything I’ve ever done before back home in Europe. Thanks to the Bangkok Volunteers Meetup group.

The Christmas Spirit that is now brought to Bangkok by this group is something I really like and appreciate. Heck, I’m really happy I found out about that! Like in some other cities The Bangkok Volunteer Group picks up the Santa Cause idea, collects donations and gifts from all around Bangkok, wraps them and then heads over to the slum districts of Bangkok to give those gifts to the poor kids over there.

It’s hard to put any more words in here. I could describe how amazing it is to see kids smile or how cool it is that random people meet up to just do something nice and helpful….but I guess you all get the picture.

I’m pretty tired and need to wake up quite soon to join the good cause tomorrow morning so I simply leave it with: Awesome idea. My christmas highlight. Join the Bangkok Volunteers!

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