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Breaking: Winter hits Bangkok; covers city under heaps of fresh air; citizens shocked

As the American East Coast is hit by record breaking blizzards and people start to list Igloos on Airbnb Asia also sees its fair share of winter wonderfulness. Laos and Vietnam see snow and the north of Thailand shivers under temperatures around the freezing point.

But that’s not all! While those poor people outside our capital should be used to living on the (climate and economic) edge the winter didn’t even stop from terrorizing Bangkok.

When checking ones Facebook newsfeed one couldn’t help but seeing all the panicking posts of weather app screenshots (they even topped the ‘bill the stickman’ posts for a while) that where hailing the end of the world as we know it (and some even felt fine!).

Bangkok 25/01/2016 - according to FB newsfeed
Bangkok 25/01/2016 – according to FB newsfeed

While we are still alive the day after tomorrow we have to recap that strange things did happen when arctic weather of around 16 degrees Celsius (approximately 7943 Fahrenheit) hit The City Of The Emerald Buddha. Something other countries or people familiar with life in the country side refer to as  ‘Fresh Air’ surprised Bangkok citizens and left many of them dazed and confused.

Pornchai M, a 46 year old man from Bangkok, stated: “I don’t know what to do with all the fresh air in my lungs. I hope that will not have any long lasting effects on my health after inhaling the Bangkok smog for more than 4 decades now”. Supattra K, 23, chimes in: “Yes it’s crazy. But finally I can wear all those thick clothes I bought over the years. My instagram account looks so much better now. #TeamLikeBack” (yes, she said ‘hashtag’).

This shows that some handle this difficult situation better than others but since running a hugely successful media outlet like comes with responsibilities (thx, spiderman’s uncle!) lets just remind everyone that this is no joke! 16 degrees and too much fresh air can have devastating effects. You might even get addicted to it. So don’t take this too lightly, be careful when taking pictures for your instagram account and don’t, under any circumstances, switch off your air-condition. The world relies on Thailand’s insane usage of air-condition on full throttle. “If Thais would switch off their air-condition just because it is cold now ‘bad’ things might happen. We don’t know for sure. The world might as well just implode. That’s why we never tried this before and I urge every citizen to keep your a/c running”, Sukchai K, spokesperson for the ministry of coolness, announced on snapchat.

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