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15 best Fun Sports Activities in Thailand

No matter if you’re on holidays or if you live here, Thailand’s got a lot to offer. Fantastic beaches, great food, and stunning temples are only a few of the classic sights everybody enjoys in the land of smiles. Sometimes, however, we need to see / do something different, something more exciting, something that gets the adrenaline pumping and shows us that we’re alive, right? Right! Here’s an extensive list of some of the best adrenaline rush inducing, fun and / or extreme sports and activities one can find in…

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Thailand’s SOTUS problem

Seniority Order Tradition Unity Spirit – that’s what SOTUS stands for. Sounds good, kind of, at least in the beginning but when looking deeper into what that actually means for students joining Universities here in Thailand it becomes clear that SOTUS is all but a good and timely thing to have. What is SOTUS exactly? Each year when freshmen join University the SOTUS committee consisting of senior students will create hazing rituals for the newbies. They call it “SOTUS” because that sounds better than calling it what it is, being…

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Lukgal mythaiorg vlog podcast Living Podcast 

How to get sh*t done w/ Lukgal – Thailand. Unplugged. [vlog]

She’s back (our previous talk on depression is here!)! After sitting down with THE ROCK Lukgal now eventually had the chance to also sit down in a #Bangkok mall and talk to me ;-) How does one handle so many projects? How to stay positive, how to get stuff done and not lose track? Those are the things the actress, MC, singer, TV personality and business founder is talking about here. All that while being positive, obviously. And no, this video was not sponsored by TrueMove – but True, if…

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powernap lounge bangkok Living 

Tired? Take a nap at Power Nap Lounge Bangkok

Work in a bustling city such as Bangkok can be exciting, but it can also be rather exhausting. Especially if you’re stuck in one of the business districts with nowhere to go and traffic jams or packed public transport blocking your way home. Sometimes all one would need was a short, may I say, power nap to feel better but going home to get some quick quality sleep in is usually not on the table. Enter Power Nap Lounge. Power Nap Lounge Bangkok opened not too long ago in Asok,…

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landhaus german austrian bakery bangkok Living 

Landhaus – German / Austrian bakery in Bangkok [review]

As many of the readers know, I’m from Germany and, in the time before moving to Thailand, worked and lived in Vienna, Austria. I don’t really miss a lot of the German and / or Austrian way of life, the seriousness, the complaining and the bad weather during autumn and spring. One thing I do miss though: German / Austrian bakery. Once in a while I simply “need” some REAL bread and every time I try to get it at any of the bakeries here, even the ‘good’ ones…

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gosnoop bangkok outdoor adventure game Living 

GoSnoop – the Bangkok outdoor adventure game

As someone who’s been living in Bangkok for more than five years now I think it’s probably rather difficult to find new and exciting things to do in the city of angels. Even when looking at exciting or ‘cool’ things to do, been there, done that. So it’s always a pleasure when something new comes along and catches my attention. Enter, GoSnoop. GoSnoop is an outdoor adventure game that currently only operates in Bangkok but might be opening other venues in the near future as well. On their homepage they…

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pascal schroth muay thai interview Interview Living 

I’m living my dream – Muay Thai Interview with Pascal “The German” Schroth

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, children of all ages! is proud to bring to you another unique, honest, and hard hitting interview. This time I had the chance to interview a Muay Thai fighter who is not only from my home country but even won a prestigious K-1 tournament in my very home town. He started with Muay Thai when he was 15 and is now living his dream while fighting out of one of the best Muay Thai & MMA gyms in the region (Phuket Top Team).…

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thailand cave rescue movie Featured Living TIT 

Spoilers for Tham Luang Cave Rescue movie

We all have followed the dramatic cave rescue mission in Thailand and rejoiced when all the kids plus coach were brought to rescue. Such an intense and emotional event obviously screams to be made into a movie and as several outlets already reported, Hollywood producers were even right at Tham Luang cave while the mission was still ongoing. At the time of writing there are several movies in the making – luckilyΒ for you, got his hands on a leaked script of the upcoming blockbusterΒ featuring this real life Thai drama.…

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disasters in thailand Living 

Disaster? Shh! Mai pen rai! – Why Thailand remains quiet about disasters

What’s the last news you heard from Thailand? If you don’t live in a cave (ba dum tss) it’s probably been the story of the football team trapped in said cave, right? And while we all agree that that’s a tragedy (especially with one diver dying) it still is, somewhat, a feel good story. An event that brought Thailand (and the world) together in the pursuit of freeing those trapped by mother nature. Now is there any other event, disaster, incident that you know of? If you’re actively following the…

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