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Bangkok Pizza Review: Scoozi Pizza Delivery

Once again I went on the quest to find decent Pizza. This time I went for delivery from a famous Pizza chain here in Thailand. Scoozi Pizza is quite big and owns several restaurants around Bangkok. Let’s see how their Pizza tasted and how the delivery worked out.

1.) Ordering:
The website itself is a little outdated and a few flaws. For example when you try to sign up and you pick a city other than Bangkok from the list the ‘District’ drop down menu remains empty – while still being mandatory. This means you actually can’t sign up when you live outside of Bangkok (while scoozi pizza has restaurants outside of Bangkok).

On the main page it says you can pay cash or via credit card. When you go to ‘checkout’ however you can only choose between transfer and credit card payment. Since I didn’t trust them (being the first time and having an outdated website) I chose transfer and thought I’ll see what happens…

2.) Order process
After I ordered the company called me (lady on the phone spoke perfect English!) to confirm – that’s nice.

3.) Price
Prices aren’t cheap at all. Actually it gets freaking expensive when the approximately 50 THB service charge (and tax) are being added. That’s ridiculous and the main reason I won’t use it again.

4.) Delivery Time
They say 45 minutes and so it was. Nothing to complain! Well done.

5.) Pizza
Was a little cold, not to big and not super delicious. However it was still ok. Compared to other Pizzas we had before and to the expensive price it’s not enough though.

Final note: Not to bad, but won’t try it again. Simply to expensive for the quality.

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