[Baking News] Two Days Siege comes to an end

Bangkok, rest of Thailand. After two days of hot heated battles with powder bombs and water cannons a Siege that had a grip on Thailand, even on it’s capital Bangkok is finally coming to a halt.

A highly ranked government official ordered participants in the wild exchange to surrender their guns and to leave occupied streets without any further actions. Areas occupied over the past two days included famous Silom road as well as tourist hotspot Khaosan Road in Bangkok.

The events focused on well visited areas such as aforementioned Silom and Khaosan road but also spilled into the main shopping area widely known as Siam where action occupied several roads and sois. This, on the other hand, led to lots of quiet and even empty roads in the wider districts of Thailand’s capital. No traffic jams, no delayed public transport. Something that the people of Bangkok aren’t used to.

It was not only the capital that was affected by the shutdown these past days though. Roads were blocked country wide and everybody, no matter if man, woman or child, went to the streets to participate and get into the fights.


Thailand is now observing the third day of Songkran and things are said to become more quiet again now that everybody is urged to surrender their guns. Still, some individual outposts remain active engaging in guerrilla like water fights with everybody passing.

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