Baan Thong Talay – Koh Larn Hotel

Koh Larn is probably the best way to see some nice beach and pristine, clear water close to Bangkok. Off the coast of hell on earth (Pattaya) lies a sweet little island that, obviously, does see a fair share of tourists looking to do some sunbathing on the go, but also still has some nice and quiet spots for you to discover. To do so, it’s best to stay on the island (most people will leave with the last ferries). One place to stay could be Baan Thong Talay.


The location is quite ok. Around 5 minutes by motorcycle (or pick up van) from the pier. Then it’s just up a small alley which makes the neighborhood even more quiet. The only con: There are some roosters living in the neighborhood that might wake you up in the early (!) morning.


It’s pretty quiet and relaxed (as you can see from the pictures below). I enjoy such kinds of accommodations. One even some guys played the guitar there and sang along, not a wild party though, just some chilled jamming. Nice.


The staff is super friendly and always ready to help. Nothing bad to say about them. Very nice!


It’s clean. They forgot to clean the room one day but probably would have done it if reminded. Wasn’t that necessary though. Other than that everything was clean on arrival and the premisses looked good all the time.


Wifi inside the room wasn’t that good unfortunately. Outside it was pretty decent though.


The rooms seem to be pretty spacious (only saw one, all look similar from the outside though) with the bathrooms being a bit smaller and the showers a bit low. The bathroom wasn’t thaaaaaat awesome but then again it’s not a five star hotel here. Everything worked.


The motorcycle was included and they even filled it up with gasoline which was nice. They even swapped it when there were some problems with opening the trunk. Good service, again.

The breakfast was no buffet but they came up with different kinds of breakfast which tasted pretty good!

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