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How to create a dating profile to attract Thai girls

When reaching this article you probably are a) desperate or b) doing research on cross-cultural dating behavior and the influence of culture on online dating habits. No matter the reason behind your visit, I’m here to educate you. Just keep on thing in mind: Don’t be an asshole and don’t use the power I am to bestow upon you for bad things. With great power comes great responsibility and while the dark side of the force is strong, staying on the bright side of things shows who is a real…

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5 ideas that would make Thailand safe again

Thailand is trying hard to make itself a safe place for its loyal citizens. Recent news stated that foreigners coming to the country should be tracked via special SIM cards since we all know that only foreigners are bad people and bring terrorism. #GottaTrackEmAll. In another effort in order to increase national security authorities seem to discuss to ban Pokemon Go. The epidemic that brings even gamers out into parks and the open. That’s clearly dangerous and needs to be fought. Bitcoin has been effectively made illegal via lots of…

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Public transport to reduce maximum speed of vehicles amidst pokemon go craze

With the current launch of Pokemon Go in Thailand the public transportation authorities (BMTA & BTS) have voiced their concerns over decreasing numbers of commuters. Therefore the authorities fear dropping revenues and are considering several options to at least maintain their current income. The increase of ticket fares seems to be on the table as well as other, more ‘interesting’, options. While you catch #pokemon, I catch you. #thailand #bangkok #bkk #mythaiorg #catchemall A photo posted by (@mythaiorg) on Aug 5, 2016 at 11:31pm PDT The BMTA (MRT, Busses) and…

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