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Asian University Rankings – Thailand with 7 Unis in Top 200

Yeah. Boo ya! Thailand comes crashing into the latest Asian University Rankings like a wrecking ba…like a small wrecking…like a basketb…a footb…ok like deflated balloon. But at least! We’re in…the top…200.

Singapore dominates

As expected Singapore and China are on top of the Asia University Rankings. With NTU (Nanyang Technological University) just coming one step behind NUS (National University of Singapore). NTU kept on improving and climbing rankings for years now. Respect. I’m fairly certain one of the reasons is that I gave a lecture there (name drop badaboom) ;-) Peking and Hong Kong then follow on further top spots.

Where is Thailand?

Well. So you don’t say I fool you, here’s a screenshot of the actual ranking. Tada. We’re in the top….200. Now please feel free to add your own comment and let us know what you think about this success.


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