Arsenal Soccer School – Soccer & Beachvolleyball in Bangkok [review]

When looking for places to play football (soccer, for my American friends acquaintances) you are quite likely to come across one of the ‘soccer (Argh!) schools’ here in Bangkok. One of them is the Arsenal Soccer School in the Prah Khanong district of the city of angels. As I often end up playing Beachvolleyball there as they are one of the few venues with a Beachvolleyball court for rent, I thought I’ll let you know my thoughts about this place.

Location of Arsenal Soccer School

It’s located in the Prah Khanong district of Bangkok which is not that far away from the city center. Once you arrive in Prah Khanong you would have to make your way down to Soi Pridi Banomyong 21 which is not that far, but far enough to not walk from the BTS.

If you arrive via public transport (BTS stop Phra Khanong) I would suggest to grab a motorcycle taxi for 30 THB down to “Arsenal”. They all know that place. Otherwise you could also grab a cab (40 THB, but mind the traffic! Could take forever) or a local songthaew (minibus, also traffic problem).

The exact location is here on the map.

Prices at Arsenal Soccer School

I haven’t inquired about football prices but it’s said to be rather expensive (if I’m not mistake about 6k – depending on if you need the big pitch or the small futsal ones) – that’s with all such places though. For Beachvolleyball it’s 1,000 THB per hour. 1,200 THB if you need the flood lights at night. That might give you some indication towards the prices for the football pitch as well.

Atmosphere & Facilities at Arsenal Soccer School

The atmosphere obviously depends on who you play with or against but in terms of staff and location: It could be better. The staff isn’t really attentive and often times acts as if you would disturb them. Sorry for making you money. :-/

The facilities are basic (locker room, shower) but are getting crappier each year as they don’t really seem to try to maintain them that well. Showers are broken regularly, locker rooms are pretty fucked up, benches broken…it still does its job meaning you can change in there and it’s not disgusting or anything but it’s certainly far away from anything resembling a ‘real’ locker room.

Again I can’t say much about the pitch quality but from the outside it also looks as if the pitches have seen better days. For the Beachvolleyball court and net: They’re also not really trying to maintain a good quality here. I don’t think that they maintain the sand court at all and the net is also rather crappy these days with the posts looking like they’re from Pisa. Again: It does its job, but nothing more.

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