AllChat World One Stop Community App Launches in Thailand

The Thai tech space will be able to welcome a new player in the game this coming Tuesday when AllChat World, a new community app, will celebrate its official launch in with an event in Thailand’s capital. The soft launch of the application will be celebrated at the Centara Hotel Convention Centre on 22nd of November 2016.

The interesting approach that AllChat World is taking is to focus on building a smart community within the ASEAN region itself. It all started around two months ago in Malaysia where the launch was even officiated by the Communications and Multimedia Minister of the country and has been developed ever since. The ideal outcome of its ongoing development is the building of a so called ‘smart hub’ for the region.

Earlier in November AllChat World launched its Community Builder that functions as an exclusive Event Management System and it has been catering to many different events ever since. These event are such as marathons, sports competitions and entrepreneurship events. This Community Builder feature is one of the most outstanding features of the app and will quite likely find lots of interest here in the region. We already know that apps such as are rather successful so having an app that actually focuses on the ASEAN region should be an interesting addition. Obviously AllChat World has a few unique features compared to already existing players. If you are an organizer you can customize your events within the app and also adjust your requirements to very minute details. Moreover, users will be able to receive promotions in form of tokens which then later on could be exchanged for cafe cards, top up cards, etc.

AllChat World already amassed a user base of 15,000 but is obviously still looking to expand their application based economy platform. Therefore, business owners are invited to leverage on the AllChat World platform by sharing their products and services to the aforementioned user base. This might be interesting not only for start-ups but also for online and offline businesses alike.

What sets the app apart from others is, as mentioned above, that you will be able to accumulate tokens in order to exchange them for various services and / or products from businesses that also use the platform. The more active users are; the more tokens they will be able to earn. This way AllChat World plans to reach and maintain an engaged and active user base.

Sound idea. Now it’s up to Thailand to make it a hit. What do you think?

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