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Airport review – Changi International Airport Singapore

When traveling with one of the low cost airlines that come and go from and to Thailand or when going on long haul flights chances are high you might have to hit Changi International Airport in Singapore in order to catch a connecting flight.

Changi Airport is one of the nicest airports I’ve been to so far. If ‘nice’ is a term that fits airports that is. What makes it nice is the atmosphere there. It’s rather spacious and divides the crowds rather well (unlike, let’s say, the Ataturk airport in Istanbul for example). Moreover it adds lots of nice touches to increase the overall atmosphere. Walls don’t need to be plain white or grey and Changi does a rather good job. What stands out in terms of atmosphere is the ‘garden’ that can be visited in the middle of the airport as seen below.


Furthermore Changi international airport also seems to have a very good, free, wifi coverage. You can get wifi access via scanning your passport at an automated counter or simply by filling out a quick form online and off you go. As with many airports by now you can also find free drinking water dispensers around the gates.

Speaking from personal experience I would also say that the staff is mostly rather friendly and well spoken which, when we look at our own airports here in Thailand, is not always the case and hence is very much appreciated.

If I would have to rate make a list of my favorite airports Changi would probably be on top together with Kingsford Smith Airport in Sydney.  What’s your favorite airport?

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