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90 days report scrapped

Bangkok, April 1, 2018. To celebrate the easter weekend local Thai authorities finally got rid of the tedious 90 days report for foreigners staying in the kingdom for a longer period.

The move, that was announced by the Thailand immigration bureau’s sub division for cyber communication efforts and expatriate well-being, has been hailed as a great move by almost every single major pundit in and outside the country and even got praise from high level political and economical heavy weights such as “Coconuts Bangkok” and the always open, unbiased and critical “Thai Visa” forum where only the smartest and most well spoken expatriate pundits of the country exchange opinions on the most pressing issues of our time. Both publications stated that this move is  big one both for expatriates and their potential partners that they are yet to meet via ThaiFriendly.

Mark Jackson, 54, from Udon Thani said that this was the best day of his life right after the day he met his fourth wife in ‘Soi Farang’ in central Udon Thani. “Now I can stop with those awful visa trips to Vientiane and don’t need to bribe the immigration officer anymore’.

Phil Seymor, 63, from Bangkok agreed. Phil stated that those 90 days reports were only there to ‘make us suffer’ and now ‘we can finally enjoy the special treatment that we, white foreigners, are entitled to’.

90 days report thailand
90 days report thailand
Before flooding the immigration office with questions, please consider the publishing day of this article.

Sascha Funk

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