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5 best online channels to learn Thai

Sawadee Krub dear reader! It doesn’t really matter whether or not you’re a tourist touring Thailand or an expat living in the Land of Smiles, knowing the Thai language to some extend will certainly come in handy. With the advancement of technology it is now easier than ever to find sources in the sheer endless depth of the world wide web that promise to help you master basically every language on this planet. In order to navigate through this huge amount of would-be Thai teachers is here to show you the best of the best in different online worlds. From web sources over Instagram and Facebook to Youtube.

Learn Thai With Mod

Learn Thai with Mod was one of the first ever online teachers I discovered back when I just moved to Thailand. Her business seems to have evolved quite a bit, she’s now taken on a partner and they seem to be doing rather well. Also Learn Thai With Mod is one of the few youtube/facebook channels that keeps posting and putting out new content on a more regular basis. Most online presences just try to sell their courses. Mod & her colleague are obviously also trying to sell their private classes, they still provide you with some interesting knowledge though and make it rather easy to follow their teachings.


Learn Thai With Pictures

Learn Thai With Pictures is a rather interesting choice here in my opinion. The style isn’t all that polished but that’s also what makes it charming. Moreover I do like learning with pictures as it makes it easier to remember the taught content / phrases. I only follow Learn Thai with Pictures and enjoy their more frequent updates in my newsfeed as it’s pretty quick to digest and to understand. A nice add on in order to learn / refresh some common Thai phrases.

Facebook is probably the most professional entry here on that list. If you are looking for Thai classes on youtube you can’t escape them as they seem to be the only provider who keeps posting ALL THE TIME. Their videos are good though – even though they are quite heavy on the ads in order to get you to sign up for their courses. The videos are professionally produced and always show a certain quality standard which makes it easy and pleasant to follow. I do dislike the constant adds and unsubscribe from their email newsletter but the videos are helpful nevertheless.


Learn Thai With Phavit

Another rather different entrance here. An Instagram account that tries to teach you Thai in a rather more comical style. As if English-Thai wasn’t enough, we also get Chinese, Korean and French translations as well as ‘karaoke’ versions of the words so that we know how to pronounce them. Show off! I like the ease with which it is to understand and, as I’m lazy, I like that I can just learn while I’m on the go and don’t need to sit down and focus on a book or anything like that. Just scroll through your IG feed and learn something. The look and feel is rather playful and also doesn’t make me feel like I’m in school which is definitely a plus as well.



Last but not least my favorite language learning app. It now even overtook famous Duolingo – at least on my personal list of language apps. I’ve been using it to brush up on my Spanish and start to learn Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese from scratch and, of course, also to improve upon my Thai skills. Memrise is the only app that actually has a variety of Thai language courses available which makes it a bit easier to follow through while trying to become more fluent in Pasa Thai. You can focus on spoken Thai but also learn the alphabet in order to be able to read and write – which is something that has been missing in most other online courses. Memrise is available as smartphone app but also has a website for you to keep track of your progress.

App on Google Play | App on iTunes | Website

Those are my favorites – did I forgot any? Have experience with any of those or more recommendations? Shout out in the comments!

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